Wedding house online store

About the client: wedding house "VIYAS" specializes in tailoring and selling wedding and evening dresses wholesale and retail, as well as in the implementation of individual orders.

Task: making an online store in the corporate colors of the company.

After developing a logo for the VIYAS wedding house, the creation of the company's online store became a logical continuation of our cooperation. When developing the design style of the web resource, the brand name was taken as the starting point.

Разработка интернет-магазина свадебного дома

Inspired by the spring mood and festive atmosphere, we used wisteria and amethyst shades as the main ones in the website design.

Создание страницы каталога

In addition to the external aspect, we took care of the functionality. On the product page there are convenient fields for choosing the size and color of the product, the price and fabric are also indicated there.

Дизайн страницы товара

An order is placed after adding the products you like to a simple and easy-to-manage "Basket".

Разработка корзины интернет-магазина

Only registered users can buy the dress they like wholesale, so the site has a registration and feedback form.

Разработка дизайна всплывающих окон на сайте