Weekender Generator Landing Page

About the client: a supplier of inverter digital mini power plants.

Task: developing a landing page for the successful sale of relevant products.

Создание лендинг пейдж в студии Webakula

Landing page focuses the visitor's attention on one type of product, but at the same time demonstrates 10 of its models at once. The user can view the basic information about the product, as well as get acquainted with its detailed characteristics in a pop-up window.

Лендинг генераторов Weekender

The landing page is equipped with all the conversion tricks and tricks:

  • a convenient "sticky" menu at the top of the screen allows you to easily navigate through the "sections" of the one-page;
  • there is never a lot of video, so the site has an informative review of the product and a video demonstrating the generator in working order;
  • feedback form and quick ordering;
  • detailed information about the advantages of the products offered, the scheme of the company's work and, of course, reviews.