10 Web Design Tips


Eric Reiss is an information architecture, usability and user experience specialist. Developed 10 recommendations for web designers, which he himself calls "dogmas".

Of course, they cannot be accepted as unbreakable rules, but it is still worth listening to everyone who deals with the design of both sites and user interfaces in general.

So here are his recommendations:

1. Everything that exists only to satisfy the internal policy of the site owner must be eliminated.

2. Everything that exists only to satisfy the ego of the designer must be eliminated.

3. Anything that does not match the content of the page must be eliminated.

4. Any functionality or technology that interferes with freedom of movement on the site must be corrected or eliminated.

5. Any interactive object that makes the user guess its purpose should be fixed or eliminated.

6. The site should not require any software other than a browser to function properly.

7. The site content must be readable, printable, downloadable.

8. Comfort should not be sacrificed for a style guide.

9. The user should not be asked to register or provide personal data unless it is necessary for the provision of the service.

10. Breaking any of these rules before starting work is barbaric.

Rice also usually appends notes to the above.

Regarding the difficulties of negotiations with customers - site owners, who tend to demand violations of many points of these rules: "If we do not demand better sites, we will never get them."

And about work priorities: "Don't work on preventing problems. Work on getting the best result."

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