What designers need to remember when creating web products
Let's talk about the rules of "good form" for a web designer, about the code of "correct work", which greatly facilitates the work with the layout for specialists from related departments. And let's start with the technical aspects related to rendering and design. They help make the site complete and ultimately have a positive effect on conversion.
Logos-2018. Ten key trends of the year
To understand how logo design will change in 2018, just look at the work of leading studios and analyze what solutions are most popular on sites like, They use different techniques and styles, but there are common trends. They are considered trendy.
Web navigation: improving and improving
Navigation is what helps the user navigate the site. This is the structure of the catalog in the online store, which helps to find the right thing, the menu of the information site with subsections for different content groups, the list of topics on the news portal, and so on.
Rules landing. How to do well?
A landing page is created when a visitor needs to offer one specific product or push to one important action. A landing page can “sell” things, a subscription or registration, courses or furniture, or it can push you to go to the main site.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Responsive Design
Google's latest recommendations are about using responsive design when creating mobile-friendly websites. In practice, a special layout is performed for this: when the user's browser loads the HTML code, the viewport meta tag is turned off. Because of it, the browser receives a signal that it needs to scale the page, fit it to the width of the screen.