Rules landing. How to do well?

Landing by rules

A landing page is created when a visitor needs to offer one specific product or push to one important action. A landing page can “sell” things, a subscription or registration, courses or furniture, or it can push you to go to the main site.

Landing quality criteria

For a landing page to work successfully, you need to create it according to the rules. There are 8 basic rules, and you should not deviate from them:

For the landing to work successfully
  1. The goal is one, and the whole page is dedicated to it.
  2. The visual hierarchy is consistent: we go from the general to the particular, from information to a call to action.
  3. The actions are clear: the landing page must contain buttons with calls to buy, arrange, and so on.
  4. Attractive design. A landing page should be visually pleasing.
  5. The text must be of high quality and enticing, so that you want to read it from beginning to end.
  6. Photos are bright and eye-catching, but not distracting from the task.
  7. A clear indication of the benefits to the customer.
  8. The sales process is assertive but not aggressive.

You will also need a landing page if you already have a wonderful functioning website. With it, you can talk about a new promotion or updated resource functions.

Rules for creating a landing page: details

Rules for creating a landing page

So, define the goal: why are you creating a landing page and what result do you plan to get in the end. All movements on the way to the goal should be logical and straightforward. If you switch to luxury travel when selling sneakers, expect failure.

A well-balanced visual hierarchy will help you perceive your landing page consistently. Each point has its own idea, and the visitor goes down like stairs. And at the bottom, a "prize" awaits him - a button with a call explaining what needs to be done. The call is clear, unambiguous and even commanding: for example, “Call!”.

And to make the landing interesting to consider, work on the design. Often such pages are decorated with photo collages, unusual graphics or background video. Do not forget that the images must be of high quality. And remember the text! There is not much space on the landing page and there is no time to indulge in lengthy discussions. Text information should be concise, but also attractive.

And be sure to mention the benefits in the text. Why would a visitor need your miracle juice or travel blog at all? After all, a person wants to receive something in return for their efforts. Subscribed - there is access to exclusive information, bought - and you can stand out among the crowd.

landing page = story

And one more thing: sales should be straightforward. Be clear about what you are selling and why you need it. Just avoid pushiness and aggression.

Any landing page can become a captivating and profitable story. To do this, just follow these rules. But do not rule out fantasy!

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