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The WEBACULA team has selected for you the main trends of 2019 in the field of web design, audio, video and graphics. Let's figure out together what the sites will look like next year.

In a few days, the new year 2019 begins. But today we want to talk not about fireworks and feasts, but about new solutions that will help make your sites even more attractive and convenient. To do this, it does not hurt to look back at the outgoing 2018 and understand what trends will become key in the future.

Here's what to look out for in 2019.

Design, illustrations and fonts

The Pantone Color Institute has given a big boost to new designs by choosing Living Coral as the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year - original, warm and vibrant. Naturally, the design is not limited solely to the selection of colors. There are other trends regarding fonts and overall page design:

Brand customization

The most powerful trend will be brand personalization, creating and emphasizing its individuality. This should show up in fonts and image styles. You can order their development: in the process of creating your own style, you will understand how to make the brand closer and more understandable. Here are examples of unique fonts that you can use to develop your own style:


Font "Old Emma"


Font "Ginusto"


Font "Holiday"

Abstract, colorful patterns

Graphic trends in the spirit of the 80s are relevant. As many colors as possible and exciting abstractions - that's what will be in trend.

Abstract, colorful patterns

Depth and Layers

Many people are used to flat design, but today they are increasingly playing with layering, literally creating a three-dimensional space.”

"Paper" illustration

Card for Chinese New Year Card for Chinese New Year

Non-standard grids

The boundaries of layouts are expanding significantly due to the popularization and introduction of new software. Browser support is enough for CSS Grid and Flexbox, and designers will start using these "helpers" more actively.

adobe xd grid

Voice assistants

Yes, you heard right, voice assistants are now used not only in Google search, but also on regular websites and applications. This is a non-visual environment, but the right visual cues are important for it. Together with thoughtful graphic navigation elements, voice control will help to implement a comfortable user interface for both mobile applications and websites.

Voice assistants

Video, audio and photo

In 2018, Adobe released a new editing app called Adobe Rush. This was a real breakthrough in the field of video content creation. Therefore, many innovations are also expected in this area. Thanks to Adobe, which released a new NLE for working with Premiere templates, it became possible to experiment with powerful graphics cards even without full-fledged production “capacities”. Now you can experiment with animation, change image styles and create Instagram-like presets.

In audio trends, too, everything is changing. Of course, we are not talking about music albums and not about famous artists, but still, let's try to predict what people will listen to with pleasure in 2019. It's an upbeat, energetic sound. We see 2019 as an exciting and upbeat year, which means that energetic music will dominate the unobtrusive background sound. Tracks should inspire, convey confidence, talk about victories. With their help, it will be possible to talk about small achievements and great breakthroughs.

Photos in 2019 will become even more aesthetic and will more accurately reflect the world around us. They will become more real and tangible. We recommend to refuse special effects. In 2019, the demand for authenticity will increase, that is, it is worth creating natural, authentic images that customers can trust. But the added highlights, vignettes and retro processing may seem out of place. We owe another trend to the development of drone photography technology. The opportunity to see everything from a different angle invariably impresses, and this should be used. Drone shots are very memorable, they allow you to convey the scale, and therefore are perfect for advertising and various presentation videos. We are confident that this trend will continue for many years to come.

Now you know how trends will prevail in web design in 2019 and you can plan changes on the site.

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