Choose the right color and increase the conversion!

Choose the right color and increase the conversion!

Color is the basis of visual perception. It can have or annoy or even cause boredom, but no one remains indifferent to this or that color concept. It is known how color affects mood, which means that it is also important when a person makes a purchase decision.

By the way, marketers have been studying the effect of color for a long time - there are a lot of recommendations that you should use and improve conversion.

Where is color important?

Where is color important?

Any of your interactions with the client is “colored” in one way or another - this is the background that they see on the site, and the color of the letters in the letter, and even the shade of the call-to-action button. A review, promotional notice, or other promotional email must not be visually objectionable. If the user enjoys being on your page, then they are much more likely to go through the chain of many small “yes” and come to a purchase decision.

By choosing colors that correspond to the preferences of the buyer, you sort of eliminate the main doubts, saying “I am mine and I understand what you need.”

Big brands choose their color especially carefully and even order the most complex market research for this. But you can also use proven tips - and this is especially important when developing a logo and designing a company website.

If the design is already completed and you don’t want to experiment with complex experiments, you can “play” with the color of the CTA button: test all the changes and you will understand which color resonates the most with users.

What do the statistics say?

Statistics show that color ads are 25% more effective than black and white ads. She also says that 1.5 minutes is enough for a potential buyer to form an initial opinion about the brand, and it will be more positive if colors that are close and understandable to the client were used in the design of advertising products.

And by the way: more than 90% of people evaluate the thing they are going to buy, namely visually. And this rule works for both confectionery and bags of cement. And the color scheme used by the brand over and over again leads to its recognition. Remember how Beeline perfectly "disguised" as a bee?

Another point: more than 85% of successful marketers say that presentations are perceived much better if they were created using bright colors. And about 80% of advertisers believe that color even gives their company a certain competitive advantage.

What colors to use?

What colors to use?

Look at the logos of well-known companies, and you will see that more than 92% of them use one or two colors in their design. The palm is shared by red, blue and gray (black) - about 30% each. Gold and green are actively used.

And all because for each group of consumers and for each type of product there should be its own color:

  • black represents luxury, but it also causes fear;
  • brown speaks of boredom;
  • lilac is considered a "purely feminine" color and is almost never liked by men;
  • those who are limited in funds choose "sustainable" blue and green: they demonstrate stability and reliability;
  • the colors of impulsive purchases are orange and bright blue;
  • both women and men equally like azure blue and leafy green;
  • burgundy represents royal luxury;
  • orange - positive and accessible.

Choose colors that are close to your company in spirit, and do not forget to take into account the opinions of customers - and the conversion will increase!

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