12 components of an effective community in social networks


12 составляющих эффективного сообщества в соцсетях

How to create a unique public that subscribers will recommend to friends? The secret is simple - you need a clear and well-thought-out content plan that will impress anyone who joins.

Social Media Content Types

It is possible and necessary to highlight the activities of the company in an interesting and unobtrusive way, using a variety of content.

  1. Information posts are posted to keep users interested in the group as a source of useful information. In addition to traditional news texts, useful tips and tricks, infographics, all kinds of tutorials, films, customer reviews of work performed, book selections, links to useful resources will be in favor. Информационные посты
  2. Selling publications - information about the product or additional services of the company, notification of the target audience about advantageous offers, promotions, discounts. Be careful with the frequency and content of such posts, try to inform subscribers, and not impose advertising. It is important to remember the so-called Pareto principle: 80% useful content and 20% selling content, for example, after 4 publications with recipes, you can post 1 message about a discount on food processors.

    Продающие публикации

    Holding regular contests with the opportunity to receive company services cheaper or free of charge for the most active subscribers, creating conditions for the growth of reposts and likes through content, can become an additional source of attracting customers and new subscribers, as well as increase activity in the group.

  3. Entertaining content is vital for company representations in social networks to maintain the interest of the target audience. You can post not only funny stories, videos and pictures related to the company's field of activity, but also photo reports on corporate events, as well as popular viral content. Развлекательный контент

An important role in the analysis of interests and tracking the activity of subscribers is played by a lively dialogue between company representatives and potential customers, for example, through surveys. The topics in this case can be different from discussing the quality and comparing the characteristics of the goods offered, to gastronomic and musical preferences.

Tips for maintaining communities in social networks

  • Decide on the positioning of the brand and the goals that the company wants to achieve through social networks.
  • Be original and original, show your “face” brightly and confidently in communities, create permanent sections, use unique content as often as possible.
  • Do not go to extremes, keep a balance between informational, selling and entertaining content.
  • Turn the company's official page into a branch of your customer support service.
  • Maintain constant contact with the audience, do not leave questions unanswered, communicate, respond to comments.
  • The frequency of posting in a group depends on its subject.
  • When selecting content, take into account the interests of the audience, post only relevant and useful information, while not deviating from the scope of the company.
  • Control and carefully check posts that directly relate to the company (news, promotions, contests), if a specialized agency is engaged in maintaining and promoting the group on social networks.

Content plan for social networks

We have developed a working media plan of 12 types of content that can be adapted to the goals and needs of any company.

Контент-план для социальных сетей

Let's make a couple of comments on the table:

  • Useful tips on the use of products will definitely be useful to its owners, and potential customers will be better acquainted with the characteristics of the product.
  • You can tell the evolution and process of improving the characteristics of your own product, or you can tell a story and compare similar products from companies from other cities and countries.
  • A report on a topic close to the brand's field of activity - cases, statistics, analytics and a comparison of the activities of related and related business sectors.
  • In the headings dedicated to employees, you should publish real stories about their achievements, aspirations, work features, workdays, and weekends.
  • An interview, like a collaboration, with a celebrity has a positive effect on the image and status of the company, both in the unhyped and in the well-known communities.
  • To conduct contests, use the most transparent participation scheme and, of course, valuable prizes.

Remember that all of the above should be consistent with the brand ideology and the company's field of activity.

Use our advice, develop the company's official pages on Facebook, Vkontakte, LinkedIn and get grateful customers.

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