Building a website with Bootstrap
Web developers need to understand programming and layout languages, but they also need to know how and why to speed up development. This is what the Bootstrap framework was created for. It allows you to significantly speed up the speed of layout and at the same time ensure the accuracy of the code and the ability to view the finished site from different devices (smartphones, tablets, netbooks, desktops). Sites on Bootstrap are of high quality, while their layout takes much less time.
How to save site positions when changing CMS
Changing the content management system (CMS) can be fraught with the loss of current positions. This is where the page URLs change, and this is what leads to the loss of “achieved heights” in search results and a reduction in overall traffic. Therefore, the transition to a new control system cannot be carried out without proper planning.
Mobile applications: choose the appropriate option
Smartphones are incredibly popular these days. To understand this, it is enough to go outside and look at others: most of them hold a smartphone in their hands in a cafe, on a minibus, on a run, on a walk. Thus, a person gets mobile access to information. And, as more people use smartphones for everyday purposes, more business owners decide to become “mobile” by developing advanced smartphone applications. And here a natural question arises - since the application is so necessary, which one to prefer?
Increasing social media activity
The public is rapidly losing its audience, and attendance is declining exponentially? No likes, no comments, no orders? Calm, there is nothing irreparable. We know how to inspire, intrigue and activate subscribers and we have a plan.