Case. Women's clothing store traffic promotion


Кейс. Редизайн + продвижение по трафику магазина женской одежды

Client : online women's clothing store.

Task : to make the site more convenient, update the design, increase site traffic.

It all started with the fact that the site was on the free engine, thus had certain limitations in terms of design.

This situation was corrected by the development of a new fully functional online store with an individual design.

Previously, the resource looked like this:

Сайт до редизайна

After the redesign, the site began to look like this:

Сайт после редизайна

We will not delve into the list of changes, we will go directly to the case.

It was decided to promote the site by traffic in order to get the maximum conversion with a small investment. Attendance was around 50 people / day, we predicted 100 people / day, but received 2 times more:

График метрика сайта

To achieve these results, the following work was carried out.

Internal optimization:

  1. Placement of text all pages of the site.
  2. Filling meta tags.
  3. Semantic layout of site page templates.
  4. Maintaining the section "Articles, news" on an ongoing basis.
  5. Linking.

External optimization:

  1. Eternal and leased links from thematic resources.
  2. Social signals.

In fact, we did not invent the wheel, we promoted the site using ordinary methods and achieved excellent results. I would like to note that traffic promotion is one of the best ways to promote an online store.

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