Increasing social media activity


Увеличение активности в социальных сетях

The public is rapidly losing its audience, and attendance is declining exponentially? No likes, no comments, no orders? Calm, there is nothing irreparable. We know how to inspire, intrigue and activate subscribers and we have a plan.

1. Preparatory stage

The starting point of any SMM project is a clearly defined goal. Find out who or what you want to target:

  • new customers;
  • regular customers;
  • traffic to an external resource;
  • brand recognition;
  • consumer loyalty;
  • sensations.

You can choose one direction or arrange them carefully, but regardless of the tasks set, any public needs high-quality, relevant, unique content. Even a small company should have its own identity: draw up a media plan, choose a development line that matches the brand's values and stick to it in every post, be it informational, entertaining or selling. In other words, the content of the group should be not only thematic, but also branded.

2. Active offensive

Regardless of the subject and purpose of the public, similar methods are used to activate subscribers. We will consider the most effective and versatile.

Методы увеличения активности в соцсетях

Contests. Many members of the community will enjoy the spirit of competition inherent in contests. The format for determining the winner can be very different:

  • repost with the most likes;
  • the largest number of reposts of the contest entry on the participant's page;
  • the last comment on the post at the set time;
  • assigning a unique number and determining the winner using a random number generator.

In order for as many subscribers and their friends to know about your contest, you need to:

  1. Periodically unobtrusively remind about the drawing of prizes, so that newly logged in, inattentive or ignoring the post users find out about the contest.
  2. It is better to prepare reminder pictures, images warning about the end of the competition and a picture template congratulating the winner in advance.
  3. The text of the post with the conditions of the competition should be well read in the news feed. Pay special attention to highlighting information about the prize and the timing of the draw.

Stock. In this case, almost identical principles and methods are used as in the organization of the prize competition. The main difference and benefit of shares is that the prize will be a decrease in the price of a product or service. By how many discount coupons were used, you can evaluate customer loyalty and the success of the campaign.

Discussions. Conducting an interesting argument is a special art. For really heated discussions, it is necessary to select the most sensitive, hot and resonant topics, discuss the news and problems of the industry, predict its further development and evaluate the activities of successful business personalities.

Voting. Subscribers will definitely take the chance to make a free choice, express their opinion and argue about the tastes of other survey participants, but only if the topic is interesting or not devoid of a healthy dose of humor. At the same time, the user should feel that his opinion is valued and expected.

Present. It’s nice to get a prize practically for “just because”, please the active participants of the public with small, but practical, materially tangible gifts.

P provocation. The most zealous audience of the community on the social network reacts to posts with an open challenge, a controversial issue, sensational facts, and certainly few will be able to refrain from commenting if a mistake is made in the post.

Not so long ago, we decided to change the positioning of our company in social networks, including through the generation of unique specialized content. Posts of this kind require considerable intellectual and time costs, so it was quite justified to pre-test the degree of interest of our subscribers.

We published a case study on site optimization, in which we presented traffic statistics for 2 months.

Кейс по оптимизации сайта

The catch was hidden in the dates, the above chart shows the time period from March 25 to May 31. According to statistics for 7 days of March, 355 people visited the site, respectively, for 31 days of the same month, attendance was ≅ 1600 people.

An ignorant person can unconditionally take this case for a successful project, but a professional will immediately notice the discrepancy, especially since we deliberately did not hide the dates. It was for specialists in the field of SEO, as well as for subscribers who are freely oriented in the subject of the web, that our post was designed.

The idea was risky, but thanks to the "duck" with the case, we found that our work is interesting both to colleagues in the shop and to potential customers. The post got 18 comments, and the group's attendance doubled.

Увеличение посещаемости группы Вконтакте

“Why not post a real case to check the relevance of the content?” - you ask. This is because many users prefer not to like posts at all, and praiseworthy comments are written much less frequently. We achieved our goal - we tested the content, created activity in the group and aroused interest among the audience, so in the future we will please subscribers only with real cases.

3. Trophies

The measures we have described to influence the minds of social network users are effective only if they are implemented in a quality manner and competent further work with active subscribers.

Capturing the attention of users is half the success of the operation. It will be possible to rest on our laurels only after the public becomes a conversion one, and the initially set goals are achieved: traffic increases, orders arrive, and so on in the same vein.

Then the analysis of the effectiveness of the measures taken, the quality service and the competitiveness of the product or service enter the “battlefield”. Develop your business, analyze, experiment, take risks, and then triumphant success in social networks will not keep you waiting.

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