Creating a website in PHP


Website development involves the use of different programming languages. They are chosen depending on the tasks. If the priority is dynamic structure and interactivity, then the site is being created in PHP. Such a web programming language has been used since 1994 and today ensures the speed of response of web resources. Although the process of creating such a site will be quite laborious.

What is the process of creating a website?

PHP is a server-side script, meaning the script is implemented on the server side. At the same time, the program code itself can be either embedded in an html page or connected to it from the outside. At the same time, the language interpreter is launched, with the help of which the code is processed and the site pages are dynamically formed.

It turns out that developing a site in PHP involves using this programming language to write the necessary program codes. The syntax is generally simple, but the development should be carried out by an experienced programmer who can calculate the interaction of commands.

Benefits of PHP for building websites

With the help of such a programming language, any resources are created. That is, an example of a site in PHP is any interactive service, from an online repair calculator to a full-fledged online store. It can also be sites with polls, guest books, calculations, and so on.

The advantages of using this particular programming language are as follows:

  • The ability to implement any interactive functions;
  • Programming is carried out without the use of special software: an ordinary text editor is enough;
  • The code implies easy work with a variety of databases and operating systems, DBMS;
  • A person skilled in the art does not need to take into account the existence of scripting permissions or the existence of invalid characters;
  • You can work on a local computer, but for this you need to install a local server with PHP support or Denver, a ready-made set of free programs;
  • The written site is easily transferred to the hosting.

Today, the PHP programming language is gaining more and more popularity in the process of creating a website. With its help, both full-fledged web resources are written from scratch, taking into account various technical requirements, as well as custom scripts and CMS content management systems. The programmer can use ready-made developments, which significantly speeds up the whole process.

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