12 rules and your site is ready for online advertising

Готовность сайта к интернет-рекламе

By creating an advertising company, you naturally lead users to your site. Is this site ready to be visited? So, let's begin:

  1. What is the company doing?
  2. Coming to your site, the visitor should immediately understand what your company does. Reflect this in your website design.

  3. How to perform the target action?
  4. Is it clear on your site how to perform this or that action? Will an inexperienced user be able to understand how to order a product? This information must be in a conspicuous place.

  5. Product description and price
  6. There must be complete information for each product: description, price and image, as well as the direction of trade: wholesale or retail.

  7. Product order form
  8. The order form should be as simple as possible. Leave only the most required fields for mandatory filling.

  9. Use action verbs
    • call;
    • write;
    • order;
    • buy etc.

    Thus, you will tell the client what he needs to do.

  10. Payment and delivery
  11. These conditions are of particular interest to the visitor. Give him that information.

  12. Discounts, sales and promotions
  13. If your advertisement communicates such information, then by clicking on it, visitors should immediately see a page about discounts, sales and promotions. Then he will definitely understand that he has got to the right place. This information is very interesting for the visitor. Make it visible and bright.

    Акции, скидки, распродажи
  14. Working mode
  15. Indicate the working hours on the site so that the user knows what time he can contact you, this will avoid disappointment and calls at odd hours.

  16. Related products
  17. The visitor should easily find other products that may also be of interest to him, or complementary products.

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  18. Reviews
  19. Make your review page as clear and visible as possible. Seeing real reviews, the visitor will be imbued with more confidence in your site.

  20. Photos of employees and office
  21. By posting such information, you enable your visitors to see you as a reliable partner, to feel that you are a real company with professional employees and an equipped office.

  22. Contacts
  23. The contact page is very important for the user. Write, draw and explain to users how they can find you.

If you have followed our recommendations and made the necessary changes, then it's time to start an advertising campaign in Google Adwords or Yandex Direct. And we are confident that the conversion of buyers will increase by at least 20%.

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