How to promote your business - SEO, SMM or advertising?
In marketing, an integrated approach is important, because often the situation “in theory” and “in practice” is strikingly different. However, for most companies, promotion in several directions at once is too expensive, and you have to choose. Let's figure out which promotion method is right for your business, and should we expect maximum efficiency in this case?
When is it profitable to order SEO?
New stores and online resources are almost always created with one goal - to make a profit. To increase income, use different channels to attract traffic. Among them, SEO-promotion of the site is perhaps the most famous and popular. But how to understand that the work to increase visibility in search engines is really necessary for your resource?
Trends in SEO-2019, or What else can be used to promote websites?
Popular search engines regularly improve their own algorithms. The fact is that users are increasingly selective and demanding about information, so even giants like Google have to adapt. Constant updates lead to changes in the TOP issue. In order for the site to remain on the first pages, you will need to use the entire known arsenal of tools. But what should be implemented? What current SEO trends are impacting rankings the most?
Seven Important Innovations in Facebook Ads
In the Facebook advertising account, changes occur almost weekly. This is due to the fact that Facebook often tests feature updates and changes the interface of the office, trying to implement more convenient management and provide enhanced features. Actively using innovations, you can get more from advertising in social networks . We will tell you what new items you need to pay attention to first.
How to promote an online store when it has reached the stage of strong growth
The stage of steady growth (development) for a commercial online platform occurs when the payback point is reached. At the same time, profits are growing even taking into account the costs of advertising and promotion. Accordingly, when using the right marketing channels, you can further increase revenue and customer popularity. You just need to know what to pay attention to when choosing a promotion channel at this stage.