All the important questions about Yandex.Market that you would like to know the answers to
How to promote your online store online? How to attract crowds of satisfied customers? How to "get hold of" reviews with thanks? In the end, how to show customers the "product face" if your site is not in the Yandex TOP? Use registration in Yandex.Market. Yes, it's not easy. But the result is definitely worth it.
How to Advertise Brands on YouTube: Tips to Help Your Business Succeed
Business development is about attracting new customers, expanding coverage of new market areas. For this, advertising is actively used. Of course, you should use several sources of customer acquisition, but video advertising remains one of the most effective areas. Moreover, for it you can use the largest platform in the world - YouTube.
Goals in website promotion: all the rules for setting up in Google Analytics
Achieving a goal is great. The statement works both in life and when promoting sites. But it is always important to know exactly what goals are being pursued, otherwise the work loses all meaning. It is all the more strange that in Google Analytics you can still find "goalless" accounts or accounts with "pseudo goals" (for example, which track only the number of pages viewed and the duration of views). After all, the fact that people are interested in your site is wonderful in itself, but it loses all meaning if there is no final conversion, that is, a purchase / order of a service. Therefore, the targets must be configured correctly. How to do it - see below.
VKontakte launched 4 community apps: use them for promotion!
A little over a week ago, VKontakte introduced an interesting update - applications for communities. So far there are only 4 of them, but even these tools will be enough to increase advertising opportunities and provide a “white” promotion of your group. It remains only to figure out what these applications are and how they are useful. We'll talk about this.
Link weight. Minusinsk. How to get out from under the filter?
The Minusinsk filter and how to get out of it is one of the most discussed topics among webmasters. Moreover, the release dates vary, and quite significantly: someone is ready to brag that he brought the site out in 3 weeks, while for someone the whole process took almost half a year. What do deadlines depend on? And what should be the reference mass in order not to fall under the filter?