VKontakte launched 4 community apps: use them for promotion!


A little over a week ago, VKontakte introduced an interesting update - applications for communities. So far there are only 4 of them, but even these tools will be enough to increase advertising opportunities and provide a “white” promotion of your group. It remains only to figure out what these applications are and how they are useful. We'll talk about this.

Where to find?


To find applications available to your community, you should use the internal "Community Management" section. There, go to the "applications" tab and you will see an available directory of 4 items:

  • tickets or ticket sales for your events;
  • online registration: for those who provide services or conduct trainings;
  • questionnaires: for conducting surveys among users;
  • quizzes to test knowledge or clarify preferences of your subscribers.

Choose the format you want, and then activate the application.

How to work?


Once you activate the app, you will be able to configure three settings:

  1. Give the name of the button that users will click on to open the app.
  2. Set visibility, that is, specify which of your subscribers will see the application.
  3. Specify the snippet (the applications have ready-made options - sign up, open, contact, fill out).

Keep in mind that you can only run one application at a time. Therefore, immediately choose the format that will be closer to your target audience and that is more consistent with current goals.

Application features

So, each standard application has its own capabilities. And there are four of them:

  1. TimePad Tickets. Only works if your event has already been created on the Timepad. Then you can offer tickets. In the form to fill out: the name of the event, the time of its holding, as well as the cost of tickets. When purchasing tickets, your customers will be required to provide their first name, last name, and e-mail address. You can always pay online with a card.
  2. Tests. Tests with buttons and with text options are available. You can set them up so that after each answer the user sees the correct answer, or so that he only knows the correct answers after passing the entire test. Often such applications are used in training programs.
  3. Questionnaires. In its simplest form, they are used to collect primary information about the client and his needs. You will be able to create complex questionnaires with the ability to evaluate on a scale, with the ability to submit short or long answers.
  4. Online appointment. The application will help the client to make an appointment with you for an appointment / haircut / manicure / consultation through the VKontakte group. The application works on the basis of a cloud service that allows you to automate the recording in the service sector.

New features of VKontakte will allow you to get as close as possible to the target audience and significantly increase the conversion! Just don't be afraid to experiment.

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