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To make plans for the new year, you need goals. To set goals, you need a common vision, an understanding of all the processes that happen to your company or can happen. We do not undertake to make reliable forecasts about your business, but we will tell you what the most expected trends in the field of Internet marketing, SEO and design will be in 2017. So let's go!

Internet Marketing

1. Cross-platform marketing

cross platform

Keep track of what the client is doing on the platform you control. Analyze his every step, identify unusual behaviors. Not ready for such a comprehensive understanding of the interests of the client? You will have to urgently learn before your competitors use the trend.

2. Smartphone as a marketing goal


The most active and solvent Internet users are the owners of smartphones. You don't miss those clients, do you? So, prepare the right content, a website of the right format and platforms for easy communication with the owners of fast gadgets.

3. Video as the highest converting ad


According to statistics, for every user who reads the text, there are 4 people who select the video. In large companies, the budget for creating sales/informational/brand videos will double. It is a sin not to take advantage of such a chic selling channel, which fully meets the interests of the consumer. By the way, at the peak of popularity are interactive videos that push users to more fully interact with you.

Web design

4. Willingness to change

What today seems unusual, incomprehensible and generally too radical, tomorrow becomes the norm. Therefore, always be ready for operational changes. And do not forget that most of all you have to work for people viewing information from the screens of mobile devices.

5. Hidden hamburger menus

hamburger menu

Today they are becoming a necessity, not just one of hundreds of wishes. Indeed, thanks to hidden menu items and pop-up windows, screen space is saved, and the user has the right to choose the route of his “journey”. Do you think that completely hiding the menu is not good? Use hybrid navigation elements when only important items remain, and the rest are hidden. It is believed that you will really make it easier for users to choose if you hide all menu items and leave no more than 5.

6. Video. Again and again, again and again


Thanks to the video, the user can see the product "live". You should not deprive it of such an opportunity, especially since video content almost doubles the conversion of selling pages. The third part of all activity on the network is watching a variety of videos. Let these materials include those that talk about the merits of your products, that make the brand recognizable and close, that encourage you to get to know the company better, and strengthen interest in it. In addition, videos are becoming more technologically advanced today - better resolution, clear images, high-speed downloads. All this allows you to add more and more videos to the site - as many as you can afford, from demonstrations of production processes to congratulatory or demo videos. Video is always emotions and much more information than a static background. If you don't want to look boring, make a video!

7. Designed for the target audience

The site should be the way the client wants to see it. Templates today repel, and creative ideas attract attention. Developing a design only after fully knowing the requirements of the target audience is the main requirement today, and not “just a recommendation”.



At the forefront are mobile phone users. Therefore, immediately make compact images, provide for convenient navigation, and work out comfortable menus. And remember that mobile-friendly websites rank even higher on Google.

9. Illustrate


Unusual illustrations, closely associated with the brand, are a great opportunity to attract interested customers, and should not be neglected in any case. With images, you can create the right mood and show what your brand looks like from the inside. In addition, the illustrations evoke persistent associations, and it is up to you what the "world" of your brand will be like in the client's imagination. The styles, colors and themes of the illustrations are only limited by your imagination. By the way, illustrations are cheaper than high-quality video content.

10. Ability to change the design

Don't wait until you need a rebrand to experiment with your website design. After all, variability is in the trend, which means that the very concept of design development can include the possibility of small changes. You will only benefit from this and you will not need to prepare a huge budget for making global edits in a year or two or five. The ability to quickly change design elements is cost-effective and beneficial, and it also helps to keep users interested.

11. Minimalism, neatness, conciseness


You don't have to shout about your coolness through frilly design. Today, users prefer simple and clear websites. The secret of the trend is not only that simplicity is beauty, but also that “light” concise sites load faster on smartphones and tablets. What does the very concept of minimalism in design include? This is a plane, monochrome, highlighting only important elements. This trend will definitely have enough “life” for at least another year.

12. Get off the grid

If you need to capture the user's attention through an unusual style, then going beyond the grid is just your option. Such a layout will be creative and flexible enough to realize all your non-standard wishes. Just remember that sacrificing the convenience of the interface is still not worth it.

13. Microinteractions


Show the user that you are interested in him. Even if it is a basket of goods jumping for joy. Cute, nice and unusual, right?

14. Visual effects with a vertical layout

This is convenient both for users of mobile gadgets and for those who prefer desktops. Thus, you can smoothly scan information in the usual way - from top to bottom.

15. Almost Flat or semi-flat design

flat web design

On a flat screen - flat design. Finally, harmony has been found! Readability, simplicity, harmony of a flower - but at the same time shadows, transitions and layers as an unobtrusive accent. Shadows and color highlight the main menu sub-items, main ideas and call-to-action buttons.

16. CTA - Bigger, Higher, Stronger

CTA blocks become large, very large, massive, so that it was impossible not to notice them. Marketers are completely satisfied, users do not miss when clicking - a very convenient and effective trend.

17. Natural green


The Pantone Color Institute decided that Greenery's "natural color of green juicy foliage" will be in trend all year round. What a good idea!

18. CTA: multiply by two

Provide two developments on the landing page - and two buttons, of course. For example, for those who want to continue to get acquainted with the product, and for those who are ready to make a purchase right now.

19. Conversational style

Speak the language of the client. Use turns, jargon and words typical for your target audience. So you can increase the conversion by 30% and become "your boyfriend" among customers.

20. Gratitude Time


Prepare a Thank You Page, thank the person for their choice. This is one way to do business with a human face. The client will remember how pleasant it was to work with you, and will definitely come to you again. After all, you are interested in making sure that everything is fine with him.


21. Low-quality reference mass - out

Search engines don't like fake links more and more, their algorithms are constantly updated. If you don't want to get under Minusinsk, use white promotion with natural links.

22. https secure connection and secure connection


The updated version of Chrome will consider http sites as potentially dangerous. Google has been recommending the transfer of sites to a secure connection for the past year. As they say, it's long overdue. And no online scams!

23. AMP or Fast Loading Mobile Pages


They have already started ranking on Google. It is worth taking care of their creation in advance, until it becomes a total trend.

24. Progressive Web Apps

Fast loading. The new standard for e-commerce websites is just 3 seconds. Are you on time?


25. Facebook and streams


Micro-presentation, broadcasting of events, review of events - it's probably time for someone from your team to join the army of video bloggers so that your Facebook feed becomes livelier and more interesting.

26. Instagram for High Conversion Rates


More and more companies are turning to Instagram to find new markets. It's time for you to join, what do you think?

27. Working with audiences


By separating audiences by interests and using Look-a-Like, you can get new "almost interested" customers at no extra cost. This concept will allow you to launch ads in a targeted manner and guarantee a higher response rate.

Perhaps you have noticed other emerging trends? Use them! Be leaders!

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