Using Google Adwords to understand the effectiveness of contextual advertising
How can Google Adwords reports help you understand how your ads are performing? There are several tools here that provide statistics on how often your ads are viewed and how you can improve your performance by adjusting your budget and other settings.
Snippets: optimizing according to the rules
A snippet is a block in the search results that contains basic information about the site. It depends on the snippets whether the user wants to click on the site or goes further. So, if there is incoherent text here, then you are unlikely to want to go to the resource. So, the snippet should demonstrate the interests of the user.
Attract traffic from social networks: 10 ways to get potential customers
Social networks are a place where a lot of people “live”. Your brand should certainly be here, because this is one of the components of success. But how to attract traffic from social networks to your resource? Follow us, we know the right way!
Advanced HTTP/2: Features, Principles, Impact
The HTTP/1.1 text protocol has finally been updated! Now we have to use the HTTP/2 network protocol. But what are the benefits of upgrading?
Viral content: creating a successful promotion tool
Viral content is posts, infographics, photos, unusual programs, reviews. Their main difference is the rapid distribution over the network. The result: users are entertained, and you get powerful advertising support and make the brand more recognizable.