Attract traffic from social networks: 10 ways to get potential customers

We attract traffic from social networks

Social networks are a place where a lot of people “live”. Your brand should certainly be here, because this is one of the components of success. But how to attract traffic from social networks to your resource? Follow us, we know the right way!

Directions to follow



Search for questions, recommendations and discussions about your product or related product groups. After that, join the discussion and comment - of course, with links to your resource. But watch out for the appropriateness of the comments. Also pay attention to relevant communities: links from them will also be extremely useful.

Content : Quality content can be generated by readers as well. Just let them know that you are interested in the opinion, let them feel the exclusivity and importance. Your content should be useful and interesting, but you should not post academic (in terms of volume and complexity) articles. It is better to divide the information into several parts, keeping the intrigue. It is also worth collaborating with relevant communities to make the news feed more interesting. And do not forget that regular readers easily turn into subscribers.



Add relevant links and always answer all questions. Be open to sharing information with users. Also optimize the resource for mobile users: social networks are most often accessed from smartphones. Do not rely only on popular and well-known resources: Instagram is now developing almost more dynamically than Twitter. LinkedIn and Pinterest are predicted to have the same success.

Advertising : Social media ads are required. Commercial offers, brief information about the company, promotion of the product in thematic communities: Promote your brand by linking to landing pages.



You should know which social network generates more traffic, which advertising campaign brings more profit. It is worth considering the number of clicks and how many “shared” and “liked” people live on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and Facebook.

Optimization : The content you create on social media must be accessible from your computer and smartphone. Monitor the use of keywords in the ad and on the site. Create news and entertainment specifically for social media. And also generate bright and catchy headlines

Community updates and promotion.

Community updates and promotion

Get as many readers as possible to become brand advocates. For active and loyal subscribers, organize contests or come up with special rewards. Even inviting to your community needs to be creative!

Marketing involving famous personalities. The power of authority is so high that it is a sin not to use it. If an authoritative resource links to you, a lot of people will come to you. The same thing will happen if a popular blogger writes about you. Provide him with goods for review: the result will certainly justify itself.

Video Content : Advertisements, calls to action, or answers to popular questions can all be shown in video format. Video reviews and stories of your customers are considered a very interesting direction.



Never hide your name, speak at events as an expert, write for thematic popular blogs and publish author's presentations. Engage all social accounts on your site, and the return will follow immediately.

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