Advanced HTTP/2: Features, Principles, Impact

Enhanced HTTP/2 protocol

The HTTP/1.1 text protocol has finally been updated! Now we have to use the HTTP/2 network protocol. But what are the benefits of upgrading?

The test information states that the HTTP/2 protocol is more efficient and secure, and also speeds up the loading of the site due to better communication in the "browser-server" bundle.

How is the new protocol different?

Differences between HTTP/2 and HTTP

HTTP/2 demonstrates these features:

  1. Multiplexing: The current process for most new sites that are designed to work with a large number of requests and files.
  2. Binary. instead of text format. This makes it easier for the server to recognize the request. The number of errors is minimized.
  3. Data is prioritized faster. Accordingly, the server delivers them faster.
  4. Only one connection is required to load the site.

How Protocol Versions Interact

HTTP/2 backward compatibility

There are no complications when moving from HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/2. As well as there will be no negative consequences for the resource. Even if the browser does not support the new protocol, it will automatically downgrade it to the previous version.

In order for the site to support the new protocol, you only need to update the server software. It is believed that the server is configured to support the HTTP / 2 protocol by default: this is either a fact that has already been implemented, or something that will happen in the very near future.

There is only one nuance that must be taken into account. It consists in this: popular browsers support HTTP / 2 exclusively through a secure connection. You may need to improve your resource in this direction. Moreover, hosts and CDNs offer free TLS certificates: you will not have to pay for the security of data transfer between Internet nodes.

But with the use of HTTP / 2, user loyalty to your resource will definitely improve, because the site will work much faster

For mobile networks, HTTP / 2 will be a real find. Now the connection to the network is accelerated, and the page load time is significantly reduced. Especially since you can use the power of HTTP/2 and Google AMP at the same time, providing lightning-fast page loading for users.

HTTP/2 and SEO


Google has already announced support for the new protocol. Analysts, based on Mueller's remark, suggested that HTTP/2 will be implemented as a ranking signal this year.

It is very convenient for site owners that the protocol to HTTP / 2 can be upgraded quickly and easily. Of course, the site will not grow in the ranking instantly, but users will immediately notice the acceleration of the resource. So, not far off and increase in conversion.

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