Viral content: creating a successful promotion tool


Viral content is posts, infographics, photos, unusual programs, reviews. Their main difference is the rapid distribution over the network. The result: users are entertained, and you get powerful advertising support and make the brand more recognizable.

Creating such content is a laborious task. But it can be simplified if you know the basic criteria for the quality of interactive content.

We will ensure success in viral promotion


If the content offers to have fun, get new information, or is just pleasant to read. Clickability is also important - there should be no problems when clicking on a link. If these conditions are met, the user is likely to want to share information on the network. Your task is to make sure that all this happens “by itself”.

To do this, use 11 productivity tools:

  1. Consider audience attributes: personal preferences, age, gender, place of residence.
  2. Offer to join a well-known "tribe". tribe "Tribe" is determined by subculture, age, political preferences. Sometimes content built on the opposition of one group to another works well.
  3. Demonstrate understanding, flatter users (where appropriate), or appreciate unique qualities.
  4. Let people show off their awareness, style, status - just let them do it with the help of your resource.
  5. Offer to play. predlogite-poigrat In this case, the content will be multi-stage. And for those who will walk with you from start to finish - a nice bonus.
  6. Use only up-to-date information. For people, the timeliness of the information received is important. So turn this desire to your advantage.
  7. Turn on emotions: let the content delight and amaze. It can be an unusual video, a breathtaking animation, an incredible dance.
  8. Remember that people are gambling. azart Some are just waiting to be taken "on the weak" and they will prove their exclusivity.
  9. Compare. Most likely, people will want to repeat your success. And prove that they are cooler.
  10. Collaborate. A survey or statistics - and everyone will be sure that a lot depends on him. So you give a sense of belonging to the general course of events, and this is very much appreciated.
  11. Create exceptional quality content. And then there will be no disappointments.

And remember that gaining short-term popularity is easy, but keeping users' attention for a long time is more difficult. Therefore, approach the creation of viral content in a complex way, use its wide possibilities to the fullest.

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