The subtleties of using special operators in Yandex.Direct
Special operators are a fairly simple and understandable Yandex.Direct tool. It is needed so that the advertiser can more accurately tune in to the desired audience. But there is a big risk of misuse of special operators. Let's take a look at the most common mistakes.
Destroying myths or what not to believe in SMM
Almost every marketing strategy includes social media promotion. This is a great way to make your brand successful, understandable, close to the consumer. But only with a professional approach. Amateurs will also "scare" you with myths. And myths, as you know, cannot be trusted without verification. So let's get started.
External link mass: understanding the theory
External link mass means all external links in the aggregate or the number of links leading to the site, indexed by the PS (relative to each individual search engine).
Online store and search engine optimization: what are the chips?
The site's traffic is highly dependent on the site's position in the search engine rankings. If you need clients, your resource should be in the TOP or on the first pages of search results. So, you need to make sure that Google or Yandex “likes” the site when indexing.
Conversion and its dependence on external factors
Before a specialist launches contextual advertising, he creates a text ad and visually designs it, sets many settings, including bids and the number of impressions. The marketer must also work on the landing page - that is, the one where the user will go by clicking on the ad. Here everything should be extremely simple and clear: here is the product, here is the price, and here is how you can buy it.