Calculate the conversion of your site

Calculate the conversion of your site

How to understand that your site is popular and effective? The main indicator of popularity in the network is the conversion.

How to determine conversion?


Conversion, or more precisely, the conversion rate, is the ratio of the number of visitors who completed the target action to the total number of those who came to the page. Target actions are determined depending on the specifics of the site. These can be views, subscriptions, purchases, clicking on an advertising link, and so on. For different business areas, different target actions are considered decisive.

Conversion rate = (number of necessary actions / total number of visitors to the resource) * 100.

For example, last week the resource was visited by 100 people, and 2 made purchases. The conversion rate is 2%. But where do you get the numbers to calculate?

There are free hit counters and special services. Two of them are known to almost everyone: Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. With the help of these resources, you can fully analyze the traffic to your site: how many users come and from where, which pages are the most popular, how long guests stay on your resource. You can also check the conversion here. And all this - in the form of convenient graphs and charts, so that you can track changes in a certain time period.

What should be the conversion rate? There are no recommended figures here. It all depends on the subject of the resource and the uniqueness of the proposals. The type of resource also influences (for example, a store and a portfolio are of interest to different people and in different ways), and your geographical positioning, and the scale of the company.

Ways to increase conversion

Ways to increase conversion

The most important way is to work with a proposal. If people don't like what you have to offer, they will pass by. They will also pass if they do not understand their benefits from the purchase or subscription.

It is important that the resource itself be understandable and effectively designed in accordance with the rules of modern design.

To increase conversions, focus on four basic recommendations:

  • Experiment and test, change texts and images, button colors and design elements. Through "trial and error" you will be able to understand what attracts people more;
  • Get your call-to-action buttons right. Everything should be clear and simple: upload, download, buy. Buttons must be made visible and arranged so that they do not have to be searched for;
  • Carefully add pop-ups: they will push to the desired action without irritation from the client;
  • Be sure to make a mobile version.

Don't forget about smartphone users - don't lose some of your potential customers. But keep in mind the fact that the conversion rate when viewed from mobile gadgets is somewhat lower.

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