Difficult business niche. How to attract clients here?

Difficult business niche

News from the glamorous world of show business, reviews of interesting places on the planet, photos of cats, jewelry and pandas - these are the main areas that always attract a lot of customers. As well as funny stories and all sorts of "pseudo-scientific studies." But what if you work in a clearly defined niche? If your resource is almost never visited by "all and sundry"? There are ways to deal with the problem.

Difficult niche - what is it?

Complex business niche and traffic

Before following the recommendations, you need to understand if the company belongs to a "difficult" niche. This is actually the case if:

  • most users do not understand what are the features of your product and why it is actually needed;
  • within a niche, extremely fierce competition (for the same type of goods or geographic location);
  • there are already generally recognized leaders on the market and it is problematic to compete with them;
  • your product is either too expensive or a priori does not inspire confidence (due to established traditions, for example).

But even if your company has several of these features, you can still attract additional traffic.

6 ways to attract visitors

6 ways to attract visitors
  1. Provide low-frequency traffic: let users come to you by long tail, queries with long tails.
  2. You should not increase the link mass, it is better to attract the interest of real users: for example, post interesting reviews on industry sites. Always prepare relevant, high-quality, timely content.
  3. Let one of your valuable products go free. So that users come back to you again and again, let it be a calculator or a diagram, a map or an instruction. Or you can create a small learning product and offer it for free. People love to get valuable new knowledge without paying for it.
  4. Supplement text content with video reviews. This is a great way to become a leader in the number of views on YouTube, even if the site itself is not very popular with Google's search robots. In addition, you can offer a video at a time when competitors are posting only text - and win on it.
  5. Maintain user interest with newsletters: e-mail marketing is effective in any, even the most complex business niche.
  6. Experiment, analyze and create public reports on the work done.

Use these tips in combination, and you will always maintain the interest of the user audience in your resource.

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