Destroying myths or what not to believe in SMM


Almost every marketing strategy includes social media promotion. This is a great way to make your brand successful, understandable, close to the consumer. But only with a professional approach. Amateurs will also "scare" you with myths. And myths, as you know, cannot be trusted without verification. So let's get started.

Top five myths about "social" promotion

  1. A lot = good. And here we are talking about the number of subscribers, and the content itself. Subscribers should not only be in the group, but also closely follow the news, study new items and share them. Even a million subscribers will not bring you success if none of them follow your news. Technical growth is not important here, activity is important. The same applies to posts. You can post cute pictures every 2 seconds, but this will not affect sales in any way. Content should be interesting and engaging. As for the update schedule, there are no clear boundaries here: it all depends on the requirements of subscribers.
  2. Share buttons should be on all content. Not really. People don't really like to share products or promotions, so that they are not "suspected of being involved" in an advertising campaign. But interesting blog articles or educational resources evoke more emotions.
  3. Social media advertising is not required. In fact, this tool is weighty and significant. And its undoubted advantage is that you set the budget yourself and can limit yourself to small “infusions”, having received the necessary efficiency.
  4. SMM is universal and suitable for everyone. And again no. Without taking into account the specifics of the company, no promotion will work. Social networks may not really work 100%, but you should not refuse them either. it is better if your company has "representations" everywhere.
  5. Negative reviews - in the furnace. i-ne-zabivaite If you start ignoring negative reviews, the number of dissatisfied customers will grow like a snowball. But this is not the fame that you would like to receive in the end, is it? Any negativity should be dealt with with restraint. In addition, it indicates that something is really wrong in the work of your company. You should not "show the thorns", it is better to figure out how to fix the situation.

And don't forget - you are in the public eye on social networks, and any comment affects your rating. Therefore, work with each message of the target audience.

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