Conversion and its dependence on external factors

Conversion and its dependence on external factors

Before a specialist launches contextual advertising, he creates a text ad and visually designs it, sets many settings, including bids and the number of impressions. The marketer must also work on the landing page - that is, the one where the user will go by clicking on the ad. Here everything should be extremely simple and clear: here is the product, here is the price, and here is how you can buy it.

Then begins a long journey of experimentation in order to achieve high conversion rates, recoup ads and increase sales revenue. But you always need to take into account external factors - sometimes it seems incredible, but still their influence is very strong.

Weather - sun or rain?

The dependence of the conversion on the weather

How the weather affects mood and even well-being, no need to tell anyone. Everyone knows the "traditional" autumn blues and spring upsurge. But it was only last year that large companies thought about the influence of weather on the conversion of advertisements.

And it turned out that in good sunny weather, more garden furniture and garden decorations are sold, but when it is cloudy, people think about security - which means they buy more safes and security systems. Of course, these are not the results of one global study, but several small experiments where purchase offers were sent in the “right” weather.

Competitors and their prices

Dependence of conversion on competitors

Of course, the higher the competition, the more difficult it is for your company to maintain its position. In addition, it is difficult to predict when competitors will decide to hold a promotion or how his sales process is organized. But you can always track the price, which means you will be able to react in time with your special offers.

Brand credibility and positive reviews are all very important, but most consumers still focus on price when buying. Moreover, if the difference is more than 15%, then a choice is almost always made in favor of a lower price (of course, if this is not associated with direct risks).

You can use special tools for tracking average market prices (such as Competera), and, based on the results of the analysis, compose the text of an advertisement. If your price is lower than the market average, you should proudly demonstrate this fact, and then wait for a logical increase in conversion.


Dependence of conversion on news

Financial and political news, changes in exchange rates - all these are so-called newsbreaks, which can greatly affect the conversion. Even rumors influence, and even more so - real events!

The easiest way to track this is in the tourist direction - for example, many today choose domestic resorts instead of Egypt.

And the expected growth of the exchange rate almost always entails an increase in demand for expensive equipment: after all, you need to have time to buy before the goods “leap” in price.

In fact, the number of external factors that affect conversion is not limited to these. Therefore, it is worth tracking any fluctuations in purchasing power and finding what exactly provoked them.

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