Ineffective improvements: what is better to give up in pursuit of a high website conversion?


There are many recommendations for improving website conversion, and many of them really work. But in the pursuit of "clicks" you should not forget about the specifics of your resource. Otherwise, it will turn out that all implementations are ineffective.

What aspects of the site definitely need to be improved?

Elements of structure, interaction


There should be only one call to action. If you highlight both a video, a callback request, and a catalog available for download, then most likely the user will be confused and leave. It will literally turn out to be “choice paralysis”, when there are so many options that it is impossible to decide.

If you fill the page with recommendations and appeals, none of them will work. Therefore, highlight the main action - exactly the “key” that will help further interaction with customers.

You also need to make sure that nothing distracts from the CTA button - neither banners, nor bright pictures, and even more so - non-clickable elements that resemble a call-to-action button in their design. You should create a harmonious landing page design with one main focus: it will be easier for the user to understand what's what.

Use navigation. The more categories you put on your homepage, the more likely the user is to leave without making a choice. But convenient navigation that allows the client to choose the area of his interests himself is what you need. Just add thoughtful filters.


But sliders should not be placed on the main page: most of them are perceived as advertising, which means that the user is more likely to refuse to view. According to statistics, the brightest and most colorful banners are just persistently overlooked. Moreover, banners take up a lot of space and generate almost no clicks.

And once again, we remind you: the key message is one for each page. A few messages are the same as none.

Social network buttons are not always appropriate. If you are selling something on the site, then the button can distract the consumer and take him to the usual feed. Supplement the product with social media buttons if you are sure that users will want to share / brag about your product.

Features of content preparation

Features of content preparation

There are several aspects here:

  1. News is needed. This is an important part of your content strategy, demonstrating the prosperity and development of the company. But the involvement of customers in the life of the brand is still not as important as constant purchases. Therefore, the most visited section of the site should be the one where the product is sold. And this is where the sales funnel should be “direct and irrevocable.”
  2. Reviews - as a rule, a separate page is allocated for them. And here the main thing: the correct design and constant monitoring. Reviews should be listed from last to first. All negative aspects are certainly worked out by the company's employees.
  3. If you have a lot of reviews, choose the most informative ones, and ignore those that only say “everything is fine”. And make sure visitors can link the review to a real person. To do this, use photos, social media accounts, order numbers.

And one more thing: as soon as a person has made a choice and proceeded to the stage of placing an order, make sure that nothing distracts him. Sometimes it's even helpful to "darken out" the rest of the page, allowing the client to focus on what's important and see the action through.

So, eliminate all distractions and don't forget that research on your own site and with your products is better than someone else's and mega-positive experience.

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