Online store and search engine optimization: what are the chips?

Online store optimization

The site's traffic is highly dependent on the site's position in the search engine rankings. If you need clients, your resource should be in the TOP or on the first pages of search results. So, you need to make sure that Google or Yandex “likes” the site when indexing.

The basics of optimization specifically for an online store are no different from SEO promotion of sites in general: you will need unique and useful content, links, meta tags, written keywords. The only difference is the special structure of online stores.

Six simple steps to increase your position in the PS ranking

  1. Add photos with alt tags. As you know, search robots do not respond to pictures, but they always read text well. The more photos on the site, the better - supplement them with alt-texts. Thanks to this, search engines will be able to “better know” what kind of product you have, which means that the store will become more efficient.
  2. Use internal links in conjunction with external ones. Internal linking is very important in resource optimization. Adding the necessary links is simple: place it on the main recommendation with products, and in the “about us” section, add transitions to other pages of the site.
  3. Start a blog or news feed. lbog-1 Useful articles and blog reviews will attract a lot of customers to you. In addition, regular resource updates will signal to search robots that your online store is operating and thriving.
  4. Give customers the opportunity to leave reviews and encourage them to write in every possible way. Reviews are always unique and very popular with search engines. In addition, it will never be superfluous to find out a third-party opinion about the work.
  5. Add meta tags to all categories. It makes sense for all categories of an online store (for example, for a site with jewelry: rings, earrings, bracelets) to create your own unique description with keys and headings.
  6. Product description. The text should talk about the product in a positive way. It is better if it is with keywords, but their excessive saturation (overspam) is not welcome.

And when compiling any content (including descriptions), keep in mind that search engines really do not like duplicate information. Therefore, you will have to try and make original descriptions, covering even the same type of goods in different ways.

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