How to save your mailing list from spam

How to save your mailing list from spam

Even letters from large companies sometimes gather dust in a folder labeled "spam". For users, this is not very convenient, especially if you are waiting for a letter, but it still does not come. And for the sender - in general, it's a disaster: the letter was not received, the information was not read, all the work on organizing the mailing was done in vain.

But there are basic rules: if you follow them, you will save your mailing list from spam and you won't have to try to restore your reputation in the postmaster (which is very problematic to do).

Learning the rules

Mailing rules

Almost all e-mail is registered on, or you will need to carefully study the rules of operation of each postmaster service and constantly monitor how many of your letters end up in spam. The results of mailings should be monitored in all three systems:


For example, the service uses the so-called “reputation coefficient”, which determines the integrity of the company that sends out the mailing list. It also states that letters should be sent exclusively “at the explicit and direct request of the recipient” - accordingly, this means a subscription to the newsletter.

It is also mentioned that all addresses in the subscriber base must be valid (that is, real), and the body of the letter must contain real information about the company.

Keep in mind that if you do get flagged as a spammer, it will be difficult to get rid of it. Some mail services stubbornly remain silent in response to requests for technical support.

Tracking bugs

Tracking bugs

It is important to always monitor the base of subscribers and remove the addresses of subscribers from it in time. The work is routine, but useful. Fortunately, it can be automated.

In addition, it would be useful to divide mailings "by interests", using related topics:

  • promotions and special offers;
  • holiday greetings;
  • interesting reviews;
  • non-selling informational articles;
  • announcements.

Perhaps someone is not interested in all your sales, but the reviews are more than relevant.

It is also worth keeping track of how many emails each user opens. It would be nice if the mailing itself contains a setting that indicates how often it is desirable to send letters.

Another point - when collecting postal addresses, utmost care is important. The more invalid addresses on your mailing list, the more likely your emails will end up in spam.

And finally, test! There are several paid test services that allow you to "review" mailings in different postmasters - for example, or

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