A/B testing: three situations when it is really necessary

A/B testing

How to effectively and quickly increase conversion? Of course, use proven marketing tools. For example, A/B testing. There are situations where you really can't do without it. Thanks to these tests, you will be able to look at your online business from the “outside” and figure out what and how best to offer customers.

Let's make a reservation right away: third-party analytics results, even obtained from a direct competitor, will not benefit your business. Check the changes you make - by experimentation or by necessity.

Situation #1: website design has changed


Experienced programmers know that if something works, you don't need to touch it. The rule also applies to website design. But it is almost always ignored. There is a situation when "it's time to change the main pictures" or "management has finally allocated funds for the development of a new design."

In fact, you should not replace the design for the sake of an updated interface. This should only be done when necessary if:

  • the design of the site is really outdated and you are planning a comprehensive rebranding or just updating the start page;
  • it is necessary to optimize traffic and attract new customers;
  • you “clean up” the site or add many new pages, changing the entire architecture that existed before;
  • you launch new conversion tools or change the very design of the resource to improve the quality of service.

Pictures, pages, fonts and color schemes may change. If you really want to improve the quality of the site and increase conversions, then conduct A / B testing for two versions, compare the responses before changing anything drastically. After all, it is quite possible that the user remembered you precisely for the imperfect selection of colors or for the awkward photo on the main page.

When you have already made changes, then perform a comparative analysis: see how the traffic has changed and how the conversion has changed. This is actually very important. It is a comprehensive analysis that will help identify the success or failure of certain changes. After all, sometimes it happens that traffic stands still, and the conversion pleases with growth.

A/B tests should be done in a measured and slow manner. Choose indicators for comparison and allocate a minimum of 10-14 days for testing.

Situation number 2 - changing the functionality of the site

site design changed

The functionality of the site changes quite often. And every time it is worth doing A / B testing. Tests are especially important in cases where changes affect those elements where interaction with the client is maximum. For example, a shopping cart. Any improvements here should be tested: you need to achieve 100% positive changes and eliminate all risks so as not to lose the flow of customers at the final stage of the purchase. Thanks to A/B testing, you will be able to minimize losses and find out in time which of the basket options gives you more completed deals.

The registration form for customers is also considered very sensitive, no less sensitive than the shopping cart. Everything here should be extremely clear and simple, so that all registration, landing pages and those pages that you use to collect information about customers must be tested without fail. Tests are especially important when switching to a new e-mail mailing service.

Situation number 3 - experiments with the price of goods


If you have too many customers, raise your prices. Profit will always increase. Yes, some of your customers will drop out (those who were attracted by the low price). But others will come - those who are afraid of low prices and are ready to pay even an inflated cost if you guarantee them a result.

You can change the price successfully or unsuccessfully. A/B testing will help you figure it out. Without tests, it is difficult to determine which price range is attractive specifically for your customers. To do this, you need to run two sales pages with different product prices. Evaluate results comprehensively. It may well turn out that a decrease in the total number of purchases, combined with an increase in the price, will give you more profit.

And remember that in order to conduct quality A / B testing, you need as much information as possible. Use all available conversion optimization methods. Use someone else's experience, but always check its effectiveness against your business. Only your own results will lead to success!

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