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How to promote your online store online? How to attract crowds of satisfied customers? How to "get hold of" reviews with thanks? In the end, how to show customers the “product face” if your site is not in the Yandex TOP? Use registration in Yandex.Market. Yes, it's not easy. But the result is definitely worth it.

Just keep in mind that Yandex uses its own control service. And before adding your store to the list, this service will check you - perhaps even more meticulously than the tax office.

Is it worth getting in touch?


Why add a store at all and will your “headache” pay off? The whole point of such an addition is in Yandex's unique offers:

  • unique audience: almost 20 million users, that is, about a third of the Runet. Among them, there are probably 1000 potential customers who need your product right today;
  • regional promotion and targeting: immediately indicate the region and you will work only with it. The task will become somewhat more complicated if you want to promote in Russia and send goods around the country. To do this, you will need to have several “cards” and advance at different costs, taking into account shipping costs;
  • verified seller status. Even ordinary people know how hard it is to get into Yandex.Market. Therefore, your registration there works solely for the image and signals to potential customers that your company is an absolutely honest, trusted seller.

So, are you ready to conquer the peaks? Let's see what sites can be represented on the Market.

What should the store look like?


Yandex.Market cooperates with retail outlets, both online and offline. Goods - only those that are allowed for sale on the territory of the Russian Federation. The main requirement is to have your own stable website and, of course, all contract data, including a phone number for contacting managers. If you are going to promote an online store in this way, then make sure that the site has detailed product pages, a really working phone number by which you can contact customer support, as well as well-developed sections "Delivery", "Payment", "About the company » with the obligatory indication of the available legal details.

What price do you need?

The market will need to upload products in one of three formats: YML or CSV or XLS. Use Bitrix for regular upload, but this method will only work if there are no changes in your directory. If improvements were made, then the unloading will have to be done manually.

And what is the CKK?


After the price is verified, the verification of Yandex's own Control Service begins. First, they will carefully study all legal and contact information and check it for accuracy. Then the "heavy artillery" will be used - mystery shoppers who will check the quality of service for themselves, placing orders with you, comparing the working hours, the prices of goods. There will be quite real orders, and the quality of service, compliance with the cost and delivery time are assessed comprehensively. Of course, the first moderation of the CCM is the toughest. But do not relax, even if your store has long been represented in Yandex.Market, all stores registered on the site periodically undergo such checks.

What if they don't pass control?

Yandex.Market's refusal is always justified. That is, you will receive a written explanation, which will indicate the reasons for the refusal. But keep in mind that even one mistake is enough for failure. And this means that you will have to double-check everything manually so as not to submit files with errors for verification again. Careful reconciliation of all available data is in your interest. If you have not passed moderation 6 times, then access to the Market will be closed completely.

If you are already represented on the site, but have not passed the quality control of service by mystery shoppers, then your store will be removed from the search results for a while. They will return it only when they make sure that you have fixed the error.

They can also remove your store for:

  • low rating;
  • purchased reviews;
  • unreliable cost and availability;
  • inconsistency of information about the rules of delivery and payment, as well as details;
  • incorrect links on the site and problems with access to the resource;
  • poor-quality or untimely processing of a mystery shopper call;
  • rare price updates (no changes for 30 days);
  • lack of money on the account to pay for the Market services.

As a rule, sanctions in the form of removal from extradition are a temporary phenomenon. But if you regularly and maliciously break the rules, the store will be deleted forever. Yandex specialists control all these moments very strictly.

How is the store presented to the customer?


Yandex.Market has default offers. Next to them is a store card where they can see you. 3⁄4 clicks are related to a specific product. Yandex.Market accurately selects stores with regional access - that is, if your client is from St. Petersburg, then St. Petersburg stores will be in priority.

Also, the company is shown in the TOP-6, in the block with prices. It can also be presented in the block with special offers. This block was created specifically for Moscow stores: here you can place an order directly on the Market, without going to your website. The "Shops" block is also presented, where all real points of sale are indicated on Yandex.maps. These blocks contain the most attractive places for users. Accordingly, they are paid higher to Yandex.

There are not only main product cards, but also features, reviews, maps, prices, discussions and reviews. In each of these categories, your product can be presented. Higher in the search will be those products that are offered in the same region as the user, as well as those for the representation of which in the TOP you paid Yandex.

Another option is to place your offer in the search results or in the image search. For example, if the user enters the exact name of the model or photo into the search box. Such a demonstration is possible only in two cases: if your offer exactly matches the user's request and if you pay Yandex well per click.

How much money is needed?

There are no general fixed rates. It is believed that the higher the price of the product, the higher the pay per click. Approximate cost can be from 0.01 to 0.9 USD. per click, and it depends not only on the price of the product, but also on the display method. The general rule of promotion is always the same: the more you pay per click, the better Yandex promotes you. Payment is deducted daily, per day of display. If you don't want to deal with Yandex.Market rates, install PricaLab, which belongs to them.

So, in order to advertise in the Market, you need to prepare your site taking into account the requirements of the company, then register, prepare a price list upload and be sure to notify all staff about upcoming checks. Did the control service find a bug? It is worth checking everything again and re-applying. Missed all 6 registration attempts? Refer to competitive sites with similar functionality - for example, Goods and

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