How to promote an online store when it has reached the stage of strong growth


The stage of steady growth (development) for a commercial online platform occurs when the payback point is reached. At the same time, profits are growing even taking into account the costs of advertising and promotion. Accordingly, when using the right marketing channels, you can further increase revenue and customer popularity. You just need to know what to pay attention to when choosing a promotion channel at this stage.

General recommendations for choosing promotion methods

General recommendations for choosing promotion methods

If the online store has already achieved steady growth, then you should not limit yourself to only one channel. You will need to use a comprehensive promotion. This will allow using all available opportunities for development, that is, simultaneously attracting new customers and increasing the loyalty of existing ones. Marketing tools are standard. These are search engine optimization or SEO, content and email marketing, as well as PPC and SMM, that is, working with contextual advertising and promotion in social networks.

So, properly built SEO will help you rank high in organic search for significant search queries and significantly increase sales only due to the fact that customers can find you faster. At the same time, it is worth collecting a subscriber base and launching a mailing list of commercial offers, creating a blog or a page on a social network in order to maintain user interest. Let's take a closer look at the main channels so you know what to look for.

Comprehensive marketing strategy for an online store

Comprehensive marketing strategy for an online store

There is a strategy for promoting new online stores, but for sites that have already successfully promoted, the recommendations will be somewhat different. Here are the most popular 5 channels that you should use to increase user loyalty and, accordingly, increase profits:

  1. Search promotion . Today, SEO is combined with content marketing, that is, it is assumed that initially there will be high-quality content (commercial and informational) in categories, product pages and blogs. At the same time, the website and catalog pages should be optimized for branded and commercial queries. In addition, you will need to promote the blog using commercial queries in review (information) articles. A loyal audience will gradually form, which will follow the news. In addition, indexing a large number of articles by search engines will lead to a significant increase in traffic. You can also continue content optimization, refine product pages and categories.

    Search promotion

  2. E-mail newsletters can be launched when there are more than 1000 subscribers. You will need to generate mass mailings, remind you of abandoned carts and notify you of new offers, and hold unusual promotions for loyal customers. The most popular are discounts for the holidays, but you can come up with and test others. It will also be necessary to carry out work to increase the user base.
  3. PPC or contextual advertising. In this segment, you can continue to work with existing advertising campaigns, refine them, set up remarketing, or create a channel with informational or overview videos. You can create new advertising campaigns with increased frequency queries (in this case, the traffic will increase, but the conversion will decrease). However, you should immediately set goals and monitor their implementation, taking into account global business objectives. To conduct advertising campaigns, you can also use classical methods - videos in the media or colorful banners.

    PPC or contextual advertising

  4. Content marketing. It starts with an analysis of the needs of the target audience and the development of a scenario for promotion, and then the work consists in analysis and adjustment. It is necessary to use several heterogeneous sites to post content that is interesting to users. In addition to the blog, you can open a YouTube channel and so on.
  5. SMM. If at the start the store attracted as many new customers as possible in order to quickly reach the break-even point, now you should fine-tune your advertising campaigns. You can run dynamic retargeting, that is, a system that automatically generates interesting offers for the user based on his last visit history. In addition, you can buy ads or leave guest posts in thematic communities.

The development of all these areas will significantly complicate the existing marketing strategy, but at the same time will allow you to get maximum profit in the long term.

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