Seven Important Innovations in Facebook Ads


In the Facebook advertising account, changes occur almost weekly. This is due to the fact that Facebook often tests feature updates and changes the interface of the office, trying to implement more convenient management and provide enhanced features. Actively using innovations, you can get more from advertising in social networks . We will tell you what new items you need to pay attention to first.

How has the advertising cabinet changed over the past year

facebook advertising account

The following new features have appeared in the Facebook advertising system:

  1. Section for selling goods in social networks, Marketplace. The new placement perfectly complements the usual advertising placements, including the news feed. The innovation allows you to sell new and used goods directly in the advertising network (that is, sellers can add things, and buyers can find them within the platform, Instagram and sites included in the Audience Network). With the Marketplace, advertisers can increase their reach with people interested in similar products. Also in the "Sale" section, you can track correspondence with potential customers - all those questions that people will ask about the product in the messenger. You don't have to pay any commissions to Facebook for transactions made in the Marketplace. To run ads here, simply select "marketplace" as your placement. The requirements for creatives to be placed here are the same as in the news feed.

    Facebook Marketplace

  2. Stories is a placement for showcasing dynamic creatives, great for building brand loyalty. Emotional advertising works best here - for example, selling tickets to events, travel packages. Since the video is only 15 seconds long, it will not be possible to fully demonstrate the benefits of a complex product with it.

    Facebook Stories

  3. Dynamic ads. This tool creates combo ads that combine static banners and videos, a title with text and link description, and a call to action. The advertising system itself selects a combination of elements depending on the audience's expectations. Due to this, the most effective one is demonstrated. These ads help increase brand awareness, traffic, and reach. The feature can be enabled in the ad group settings.

    facebook dynamic ads

  4. Budget optimization function. It works at the group level and helps to optimally allocate the budget within the company through machine learning. The function allows you to determine the most effective ad within a group and show it more often than others. In this way, you can optimize the entire campaign budget or only daily costs, as well as set a spending limit for each of the ad groups.
  5. Advertising formats in Messenger: Inbox and Sponsored Messages. "Inbox" - for mobile devices: in this case, the ad is displayed as a banner between contacts in the inbox tab. The Sponsored Messages format works differently: the ad is displayed as an incoming message in the messenger.

    Sponsored Messages facebook

  6. Return On Advertising Spend calculations or ROAS metric that allows you to evaluate the return on advertising spend. This is the ratio of profit from the RK to the costs of its implementation.
  7. Updates in custom (or custom) audiences - those users who have already interacted with your products before. You can create different audiences, including Engagement or Offline Activity.

The Facebook advertising platform itself is unique in that it allows for “fine-tuning” based on the interests and preferences of potential customers. Take advantage of new features in the back office functionality to make your campaigns even more effective.

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