Trends in SEO-2019, or What else can be used to promote websites?


Popular search engines regularly improve their own algorithms. The fact is that users are increasingly selective and demanding about information, so even giants like Google have to adapt. Constant updates lead to changes in the TOP issue. In order for the site to remain on the first pages, you will need to use all the known arsenal of tools. But what should be implemented? What current SEO trends are impacting rankings the most?

Voice search and rich snippet

Voice search and rich snippet

Many potential customers are looking for both goods and information by voice. According to statistics, almost 20% of users prefer voice search from both smartphones and desktops. Smartphones and search engines "settle" special assistants that greatly facilitate the search. It is clear that in this case conversational queries are used, and not just a set of keys, and they become longer and more specific. To match the new trend, you will need to create high-quality content that exactly matches the “conversational” requests, or structure the existing one.

As for the extended snippets (Featured Snippet) - this is a real opportunity to reach the position "0" in the issue. Yes, the search engine chooses which page to place here, but you can “tune in” to its requirements. Here are the pages that most fully respond to an interrogatively asked query. If your potential visitors often ask “what, where, when or who?”, then you can even prepare a series of articles, and then improve them based on the results of the issue. Keep in mind that the information really should be presented in detail and in detail. It is best if the text contains bulleted lists and tables with comparisons and characteristics.

Video content and LSI copywriting

Video content

Interactive technologies win a significant share in advertising and information content. Many users think that it's not worth reading specs if you can watch a review, and it's not worth looking up information about a brand if you can just watch its promotional video. According to analysts' forecasts, next year the share of traffic coming from video content will increase to 75-80%.

The intensity of the development of this trend can be tracked even now, when users first go to Youtube, and then they are already looking for the necessary information within this platform. It is clear that search engines cannot ignore the current situation, and therefore they are increasingly adding videos to search results.

Advertisers are also increasingly investing in the creation of an attractive video sequence that demonstrates the features of a brand or product. In order for the created video to contribute to successful promotion, you will need:

  • optimize the title and descriptions using keywords;
  • choose a successful miniature from the video sequence, demonstrating the main meaning;
  • add tags.

LSI copywriting

But most importantly, you will need to clearly understand what exactly will “come in” to your target audience. The same rule applies to LSI copywriting. Here's how this approach works:

  • texts are created on the basis of hidden semantics, which correspond more to the intellectual “essence”, and not to the exact keywords;
  • latent semantic indexing implies that the texts will be not only of high quality, but also well-composed;
  • materials should be oriented to the reader and meet his expectations;
  • the natural introduction of relevant terms into the text not only improves user loyalty, but also “protects” from sanctions from spam filters.

It turns out that more and more often texts are ranked by meaning, and not by template structure and correspondence to keys. For successful SEO, you can no longer do any "promotion work" in isolation. It is important to create a comprehensive content strategy and create truly expert materials. User engagement is of great importance, and this is why it is so important to monitor the quality of the content. But thoughtful navigation and adaptability of the site for mobile devices also matter. These are the trends that remain unchanged.

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