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It is believed that the area of SMM is one of the most dynamic in terms of development, because here you have to adapt to the youth audience. Trends change several times a month, but you can still highlight the visual trends of 2020 that will be relevant all year round.

A modernly designed Instagram profile grabs attention and provides better reach. Therefore, the current SMM 2020 trends necessarily include visual trends, i.e. certain color schemes, static images or gifs, fonts, poll formats. They appear due to a creative approach to the design of opinion leaders, marketing developments, or serve as a reflection of the current situation in society. Undoubtedly, an Instagram marketing strategy can include the development of a completely new visual concept, but more often than not, creativity is still within certain limits, because there is something that users will definitely pay attention to.

We will tell you what to look for when designing posts and advertisements on social networks.

AR technologies and animation

The most powerful visual trends of 2020 on Instagram are related to augmented reality. The most fashionable phenomenon in stories is 3D masks. Their creation also helps in promotion, because you won’t be able to use the mask you like until you subscribe to the creator.

Many brands are already actively using animation, placing several animated posts in a grid. This approach literally captures the attention of users, because it is always interesting what will happen on the screen this time, how exactly the picture will change. Animations and GIFs are considered to be more engaging and are more likely to be interacted with. However, turning the feed into a moving screen is not worth it: it’s good if animated posts are “diluted” with the same amount of static (as 1:1).

Photos without filters and experiments with typography

Social media advertising is becoming more and more natural. This means that the photos for both the account and the ads become “clean”, without filters, with natural light. These are so-called lifestyle photos, with a minimum of processing. It is believed that it is easier for users to associate themselves with such pictures, which is why they are so popular.

In addition, Facebook targeting , as well as branded posts (and this applies to all social networks), will be more effective if you actively experiment with typography. What exactly can be done? For example:

  • stroke and contouring;
  • alignment and different height of letters;
  • various formatting options;
  • inscriptions with a non-standard angle of inclination;
  • unusual fonts and color schemes.

And one more tip - follow the leader. It is influencers who create Instagram in the form in which it now exists. It is they who are interested and stimulate to try new things. Of course, the content strategy should not include copy. It is much more profitable to attract a blogger with an audience of more than 50 thousand people of an adjacent audience (that is, your interests and topics should intersect). Some of them agree to do tests and reviews for samples, others work solely for money. In any case, the costs will be justified. Native advertising can be especially effective if a blogger is so interested in your product that he becomes a brand advocate.

All these trends work regardless of the chosen promotion methodology, but experts are more and more confidently advising to abandon black and even gray schemes in favor of white ones. Instagram itself supports the fight against bots, besides, real reach is always more profitable in terms of profit.

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