Click-through and host behavioral factors affecting the position of the site in the SERP


Behavioral ranking factors are user actions (first in search results, and then on the site itself), which affect the position of the site in the PS. Yandex and Google take into account click and host factors.


  • CTR or clickability of the snippet in PS;
  • Return or non-return of the user to the search results after visiting the site (it is better for the resource if the user does not return - this is read as a signal to the system that the expected information was found);
  • Click weight relative to the total number of clicks from the PS.

Host - this is the total attendance of the resource and the duration of the session of each user, the bounce rate after visiting, the depth and duration of page views. These factors are important both for the entire site as a whole, and for each individual page. They can be directly influenced.

Ways to Improve Ranking Factors

Ways to Improve Ranking Factors

All recommendations for improvement involve complex complex work. You need to start with an assessment of the server's health - whether it fails during peak loads, whether it provides sufficient page loading speed. Then you need to analyze the following points:

  • Relevance of landing pages to query keys;
  • The presence of broken links (they will need to be eliminated);
  • The correctness of the 404 page;
  • Correctness of snippets;
  • Ease of use of the site by visitors (for this, a usability audit is carried out);
  • The correctness of building the structure and the presence of internal linking;
  • Compliance of content with the requests of the target audience.

Accordingly, optimization of snippets will increase click-through rate in the issue, work with content will reduce the number of bounces, and optimized internal linking will facilitate user surfing within the site.

Is cheating behavioral factors justified?

Is cheating behavioral factors justified?

Sometimes you can find offers to cheat PF. In most cases, this is indeed cheaper than a full-fledged optimization job. But cheating gives a short-term effect, and in the long run it will definitely lead to the imposition of a filter.

The search engine reacts to various "oddities", but most of all - to a sudden and unreasonable increase in user activity. Abnormal traffic growth is quickly noticed by search engines. Therefore, it is better not to take risks with markups, but to improve the behavioral ranking factors in a white manner.

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