When is it profitable to order SEO?


New stores and online resources are almost always created with one goal - to make a profit. To increase income, use different channels to attract traffic. Among them, SEO-promotion of the site is perhaps the most famous and popular. But how to understand that the work to increase visibility in search engines is really necessary for your resource?

Let's talk about when the SEO channel for attracting traffic will be really in demand and profitable.

How to understand what SEO is necessary? Basic Options

  1. Implementation of a recognizable product or popular brand. If a brand or product is recognizable, if they are searched for through search, then you should definitely use promotion to get even closer to potential customers.

    Implementation of a recognizable product or popular brand

  2. Promotion of a multi-brand store , the catalog of which can "cover" popular search queries in its own niche. It is important that the offers have a high consumer value or cover many different needs. We are talking about really large sites and rather large budgets, as they will have to compete with the popular "giants" - marketplaces.

    promotion of a multi-brand store

  3. Demand for the product is at its peak. Through the search, you can promote sites filled with "fashionable" goods. A vivid example is magnetic constructors, bladeblades and spinners in segments for children. Each of these products has had its own surge in popularity. But you need to remember that SEO does not work immediately. Therefore, if you are planning to introduce a new book or a top phone model on the site, then you need to prepare in advance to receive search traffic. To do this, it is desirable to evaluate the dynamics of the search query, the statistics of the popularity of a particular product.

    Demand for the product is at its peak

  4. It is planned to advance on low-frequency or unique, that is, queries that do not have usage statistics. Using such a promotion strategy allows you to bypass even marketplaces, aggregators and message boards and get the necessary traffic and increase sales.

    promotion for low-frequency or unique queries

Don't forget that SEO produces good results in the medium to long term, as long as the budget is sufficient. An integrated approach may require significant changes in the structure of the site, the development of new content. The more competitive a niche is, the longer search positions will change.

How to determine SEO ROI?

How to Determine SEO ROI

In many cases, it is search engine promotion that serves as the main source of traffic to the site. Almost always, this channel pays off, but it is important not only to improve the site itself, to make it simpler and more understandable, but to carry out other work that will ensure the “loyalty” of search engines. Payback in search promotion is not immediately apparent, because this is not contextual advertising , where you can accurately calculate the cost of the transition. But the higher in the search, the more visitors come daily. This number can be in the thousands, which means that profits can grow exponentially.

The ROI ratio helps to evaluate the profitability of promotional work. It is calculated as:

Profit from sales from search = Revenue (according to ecommerce data) - Cost.

Accordingly, zero ROI will indicate the break-even of the project, and "plus" - the expediency of investing in this traffic channel. A good indicator is an ROI of 10-20%, that is, SEO can help you earn plus 20% of your initial investment. In fact, the numbers could be even higher. Much depends on the conversion rate. Growth dynamics also matters: even if ROI is negative, it is advisable to continue promotion work in this case.

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