25 most popular sites in Ukraine

In Ukraine, over the past 8 months, there have been 12.9 million regular Internet users aged 15 and older. Ukrainians of this age make up one third of the entire population of the country of this age category, 8.7 million of which use the network every day.

Recently, the Internet Association of Ukraine published the data of a representative software panel of Internet users in Ukraine, which, using software pre-installed on users' home or work computers, processed information on more than 50,000 domains visited by Ukrainian users per month.

As a result, the 25 most visited domains (sites) were identified, which you can find below:

Top 25 sites in Ukraine

The table shows data on two indicators: average daily share and reach:
  • Average daily share - the average value of all daily shares for the specified period. The data in the table is distributed according to this indicator.
  • Reach is the proportion of all network users who visited a particular resource during the given period at least once.

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