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A website is an important sales tool for many companies. But if you do not initially approach the issue of setting up and promoting with all responsibility, it can cost you your business. It is human nature to make mistakes. But when there are too many of them, it leads to collapse. Is online sales too low? Analyze the work of not only the site, but also about how business processes flow within your company.

By analyzing the operation of the site, we mean the analysis of the sales funnel, and not the structure and usability. This is necessary to understand which path your customer takes to make a purchase. So, let's begin.

Site efficiency algorithm

Are you an active online seller and willing to go all out for at least 250,000 ad impressions per month? By taking the following 3 steps, you can evaluate the degree of effectiveness of the resource:

Step 1. Display - entry


If the key phrases are chosen correctly and the ad text is written accurately, then most likely the percentage of visits will be approximately 2-5% of users. If you see a result in 10% of clicks, you can safely say that it worked perfectly! At the stage of preparing an ad (keywords, ad text), a non-standard approach and creativity are the best!

If you see that the percentage of clicks from impressions is less than 2%, then most likely you need to review the keywords and ad text, then the place where it is placed.

If your website traffic is less than 5 thousand people per month, do not rush to change anything on it. This is the most common mistake. The best thing to do is attract customers.

The advertising campaign has ended, but the impression-to-click ratio has not increased above 2%? Again, don't change anything on the site. Better find a smart advertising manager or reconsider your relationship with the contractor.

Step 2. Cases


We will calculate from the same 250 thousand impressions for which you are ready to give all the best. So, in a month, 2-5% of those who saw your ad visited the site. This is 5-12.5 thousand people. Let's take the average figure - 8 thousand people. Of this figure, only 2-5% will make the necessary action for the purchase. Let's average again and get 280 people (3.5%) who are ready to make a purchase.

If this figure is less than 1% (<80 people), it means that somewhere at the stage of choosing the target audience you made a mistake. If the figure ranges from 1 to 2% (80-160 people), then it is worth reviewing the optimization of the site and how the product / service is provided. If the figure exceeded 5% (>400 people), then this may mean that the competition in your niche is low and you should not waste time. We need to develop our advantages, occupy a significant market share and, as an option, launch another similar project.

Let's go back to less than 1% sales. Do not rush to change something on the site. This figure means that you made a mistake at the stage of choosing your audience. You need to think about changing something on the site with fluctuations of 1-2%, as mentioned above.

If the site traffic is more than 5 thousand people per month, and at least 1% of leads, you should strive for at least 2% of sales from the number of visitors. Only with such figures it is possible to give an objective assessment of what is happening.

Step 3. Sales


As a rule, only 12-25% of those who want to buy do it. That is, out of 280 people who want to make a purchase, only 34-70 people will make it. If this figure is less than 34 people (12%), then reconsider the sales technique. Set up a phone line for sales through the site, count every call.

The easiest way is to use your mobile phone and view monthly call printouts. So, you can find out the exact number of callers. If it will be required that the visitor come to the office, it is necessary to establish a record of visits.

After going through these 3 steps step by step, you will see, firstly, whether your resource is currently a sales tool, and secondly, when it becomes clear which of the stages is failing, you will understand what needs to be done in order to correct the situation.

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