3 tips for converting site requests into orders

3 совета по конвертации заявок на сайте в заказы

The site is there, the design is decent, the attendance is good, but there were no orders and no. And all why? Because you should not forget about the service. We promised and keep our word, catch an article about the skill, work and perseverance in processing applications from your site.

1. Mastery

It would seem that there is nothing easier than processing applications, the most difficult thing is to get them. That's right, but here, as always, lies the catch, otherwise we would not devote a separate post to this issue;). In our previous article, we already talked about the fact that after receiving applications, they can and should be processed in one of two ways (e-mail marketing and telemarketing). Let's talk about them in more detail.

  1. Call marketing allows you to contact a potential buyer through the phone.
  2. E-mail marketing is aimed at informing the user about a product or service through e-mails.

Each business has its own subtleties and secrets, even a talented person needs to constantly hone his skills in order to become a glorified master. Processing requests is a craft, and turning them into orders is a true art. The main secret is the speed of response to the application, it is necessary to respond to the interested user as quickly as possible. Remember that each method of processing an application has its own specifics.


Telemarketing is focused on emotional, spontaneous purchases, on live communication, on goods that can be bought this very second. You can persuade a client to buy after the first call, but now you can also be constantly in touch with him. Do not limit yourself to one call, periodically, unobtrusively informing the client about promotions and discounts, make him your regular customer.

E-mail marketing is more suitable for selling services and expensive goods, which require time to think and compare offers from other companies. A potential buyer can become your client if you competently, interestingly and dosed tell him about the benefits and benefits of your products through emails.

2. Labor

Applications can be received not only through special feedback forms, but also using the contact details indicated on the site, do not ignore them, otherwise users will withdraw into themselves and will never become your customers :).

Try to check:

  • correct operation of a special form for filling out an application;
  • the speed and quality of the response of your managers to incoming calls and emails.

Call from an unknown number, fill out a feedback form and expect a response, so you can get a clear picture of the quality of your employees.

Случается, что работа проходит... мимо :)

An example of an audit of site services from our practice : with a resource attendance of 50-80 people per day, not a single order was received. The solution is banal and simple: none of the indicated contact numbers answers calls, not to mention emails and special forms.

Advice from Webakula: include in the monitoring of competitors not only a comparison of prices, product quality and site usability, but also a service check. Believe me, you will find something to learn for your business.

3. Perseverance

In our professional activities, we often encountered a paradoxical phenomenon. The site owner is sensitive to the design, functionality, content, positions and advertising of his resource, but does not notice the "elephant". Oddly enough, the service is remembered last, but meanwhile in the online business it has its own, special specificity.

Service is the most important component of success, without it an attractive design and high ranking positions of the site will be useless. Agree, they make no sense if the visitor waits a week for a call from the manager. During this time, he will change his mind about buying your miracle product two hundred times.

An order is not yet an order. Your future client has not yet chosen a specific product or service, it is quite possible that he is also not ready to pay for the purchase today (this is most often the case with online shoppers). Your task is to “take it warm”, and then “catch it with live bait”. Just like offline, customers value quality service and loyalty. Fast processing of applications is one of the criteria for their evaluation, the faster the reaction of your managers to the completed feedback form, the higher the confidence of customers. Be a perfectionist in creating and growing your business online, don't forget about important details such as excellent service and the selection of competent staff to maintain your website.

Follow our advice, draw inspiration from market leaders and soon your products and services will become in demand, and your business will be successful.

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