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404 ошибка в SEO Search Engine Optimization applies not only to fully functional pages, but also to those that no longer exist or have not even been created. Almost every Internet user has encountered the so-called 404 site error , when the browser is simply unable to display the requested page. Very often, the server on which the resource is located simply does not give information on one or another url. So how do you set up a 404 website error as correctly as possible in terms of SEO?

Sometimes, webmasters simply make a 301 redirect to the main page of the site. Those. by clicking on any link to the site or by typing the required site URL in the browser, the user will automatically move to the main page of the resource, and not to the requested page. This is the easiest way to keep the user on the resource pages.

In terms of usability and search engine optimization , it is still worth creating a dedicated page for 404 errors . Thus, by clicking on a broken link or typing the wrong URL in the browser, the user gets exactly to the 404 page. On this page, it is recommended to give an answer to the person why he could not follow the link that he typed in the browser. In addition, you should place a search form on the site, allow the user to return to the previous page of the site, as well as a few useful or random links to the main pages of the site or the most popular / useful materials. Naturally, a 404 page may differ in design from the rest of the site, but in order not to shock the visitor, it is still worth using the standard template used throughout the resource.

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