8 Tips for Designing Your About Page


8 Tips for Designing Your About Page

“We are a dynamically developing company…”, “Our young professional team…”, “We fall asleep thinking about our clients…” and a bunch of similar blizzards that make you want to run away from the site at the same second. Perhaps you and, I am sure, many of your competitors have used such phrases more than once in writing the text “About the company”. That is why visitors did not go further than this village.

For some reason, many companies do not consider it necessary to pay attention to this particular page of the site and write a decent text. Or they place information there like “we are the best”, “individual approach to clients”, “strive to take care”. Believe me, if a person came to your site for the first time, he is absolutely not interested in what “you” are. Here he should find information about His interests and needs. And also he should read that it is you who are ready to solve his problems and satisfy these very needs.

Here are some tips for writing an About page.

Council number 1. Less about yourself, more about clients

Write text that is more customer-focused. A person by nature is accustomed to consider himself the center of attention. When the time comes to use someone's services or buy something, he is looking for a worthy contender for the opportunity to sell what he needs to his beloved.

Use the following tricks:

  • From the first sentence, show the client that you understand what their problem is and are ready to solve it. This will highlight the fact that you can take care of your customers.
  • If it’s hard for you not to be imposed, use more facts in the text. Tell us how many regular customers you have, or, for example, about the awards: what was awarded and for what merits.

Council number 2. Show you

Show that you are not faceless Internet managers, but real people. Post photos of employees, you can in an informal setting. Photos and videos from corporate events, conferences, just a workflow are suitable. Some nuances:

  • A photograph of the director can better visualize the company. Do not forget to show the managers with whom your future clients will communicate.
  • If you add a video, remember that the plot must be thought out. The quality of the captured video must be high.

Council number 3. Customer Reviews

Doubts about ordering / buying or not - this is normal. After all, when you are thinking of changing, for example, a dentist, you won’t go to the first one that comes across? So your customers will need someone's recommendation. Your task is to unobtrusively dispel all doubts. This can be done by posting testimonials from real buyers.

Reviews work for you if:

  • The maximum information about the writer will be displayed: name, photo, profession. This will increase the credibility of your product.
  • The buyer always strives to protect his choice, so use such a tool of persuasion as certificates and awards. If you are a member of the association for the protection of products in your direction, be sure to say so.

Tip number 4. history of the company

Even if your company is very young and as such the history of climbing Olympus does not yet exist, you still need to have something to tell your potential customers. Think about what makes your company not a faceless sales machine, but that very “team of professionals”.

One company with many years of experience creatively approached this issue and published an almost family album, telling their story in person.

But, you need to take into account that:

  • If the company has an experience, for example, 50 years, it is not necessary to describe the history of ascent year after year. Nobody will read this.
  • If the company is young, do not be shy about describing how you started.

Council number 5. No slang

Sometimes, in the desire to show your professionalism and competence, it may seem that it would be appropriate to have an abbreviation and all sorts of professional phrases from your direction. This is mistake. Remember, your clients are ordinary people, they are non-professionals. They need information about whether you can help them with their issue.

  • Write simply, in "human language". There is no formula for success in writing such texts, write at ease, so that you are understood.
  • Call a spade a spade. If it's a page about your company, don't call it fancy names. Coming to the site, a person is looking for specific information.

Council number 6. Detailed contact information

No matter how popular shopping via the Internet, many are still wary of this kind of shopping. Having seen the detailed contact details, you will add confidence to the client that they are not going to be deceived:

  • If your company has a specific address, be sure to include it. You can display it on the map, in the same place, next to the contact information.
  • Post only valid phone numbers. No matter how strange this advice may seem to you, heed it. Phone numbers that don't work can seriously damage your reputation.

Council number 7. Ask others for their opinion

Do not rely only on your opinion. It can often be subjective. Ask employees, friends about your business. It can even be done by clients. An outside perspective, especially from professionals, is important.

Council number 8. Stick to style on all pages.

Remember that the page should not stand out in style and design from the overall design of the site. The writing style should also be consistent across all pages containing content.


As practice shows, in order to achieve the maximum effect from your resource, you do not need to stop there. Conduct an audit, follow analytics, add photos and videos. Check the correctness of the site display on different devices. And do not allow the thought that it could not be better. Remember that there is no limit to perfection!

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