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Актуальный дизайн страницы 404

The further into the web, the more experiments, especially in design. The error message page is a familiar site attribute. In its design, they are guided by both the usual canons and original finds. By a happy coincidence, on April 4 (04.04) we celebrate two professional holidays at once. Congratulations on the Day of the webmaster and the Day of the Internet to all those who are not indifferent and we offer you to read an article about the variety of design options for 404 pages.

Most often on pages with an error you can find:

  1. polite treatment;

    Вежливое обращение “I think we both know that you are in the wrong place. Why don't you try another door?"

  2. available and simply presented information about the error; Доступно и просто изложенная информация об ошибке
  3. an offer to use the search, notify about an error, go to the main or any other page of the site; Предложение воспользоваться поиском, уведомить об ошибке, перейти на главную или любую другую страницу сайта
  4. friendly design. Дружелюбный дизайн

The 404 page is likely to annoy the site visitor, so in order to somehow cheer him up, humor is often “mixed” into the design.

Юмор на странице 404

"Looks like Chuck Norris broke that page, it's quite possible that it will never recover."

Забавное сообщение об ошибке

"Page not found. I didn't eat it. I swear!

Lots of humor :)

Остроумная страница 404

“Apparently, something went wrong. But don't worry, it can happen to the best of us, and it just happened to you."

And some more ;)

Страница не найдена

“Sorry, but the page you were looking for has been eaten by a pack of Coelophyses. You can: run very fast, go to the main page or use the sitemap.

Some individuals may be frightened by an error message, but webmasters around the world still believe in the fortitude and courage of Internet users, offering them:

  1. aggressive 404 pages;
    Агрессивная страница 404

    "Wonderful. You broke her. The page does not exist, or some other terrible error has occurred."

    Мистическая страница Not Found

    “This is a conspiracy. We're hiding everything from you... or maybe the file doesn't really exist. Hm…."

  2. threat pages.
    Страничка 404 с угрозой

    "Error 404. Page not found. Oops, wrong lab… RUN!!! …or just go back to the homepage.”

    Страница 404 с угрозой

    “Why don't you try going to a page that works? Are you trying to hack our site or something like that? What's the matter? Go away. There's nothing to see here."

    Угрозы на странице 404

    “We told Brent to find this page for you, but he couldn't. We are used to living up to expectations, so in order to redeem ourselves in front of you, we are going to fire Brent. Do not do that! Good riddance".

There are also ascetic pages designed in the spirit of minimalism.

Оформленная в духе минимализма страница 404
Аскетично оформленная страничка 404

One of the latest trends in 404 page design is animation. Entertaining, interactive, funny, colorful - diverse, in a word.

Анимация на странице 404

Анимированная страница 404

There are an unlimited number of options for creating a 404 page design. Why empty a vacancy? Why, for example, on the page with an error not to report the loss of a bench ...

Оригинальное послание на странице 404

"We can't find this page! But more importantly, have you seen Benji? On a cold winter night, he was brutally abducted from the parking lot and never returned ... Maybe he is still there. Somewhere…".

A common feature of quality 404 pages is user care. Error pages clarify, guide, or at least entertain the lost. A trifle, but nice :) Create colorful, fun and understandable 404 pages and visitors will not want to leave the site, despite any errors.

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