Advertising campaign with a minimum budget - how to make it effective?

Advertising campaign with a minimum budget

A PPC (Pay-Per-Click, pay per click) campaign requires certain costs. Let's say you are planning to advertise metal-plastic windows - the subject is competitive and expensive. You have plans to “capture” the market, there are bright-eyed specialists, and there are wonderful announcements. Naturally, you expect an avalanche of calls and the complete devastation of the warehouse. That's just the provided advertising budget may not be enough. And your ad will be shown once a day, without bringing even 5% of the customers you dreamed about.

But there is good news: even if the advertising budget is minimal, you can try and get the most out of what you can. Moreover, the analysis of the "sufficiency" of the budget is often carried out already at the time of the launch of the campaign, when the cost per click in a certain segment is specified.

How to manage a small advertising budget?


There are practically no options when a client provides an unlimited budget to an advertising specialist. What’s more, customers expect immediate returns and increased conversions from the very first day a new campaign is launched.

How to combine the harsh reality with the desired utopia? The PPC account manager can do this:

  1. Buy impressions for branded keywords. Of course, this only makes sense if your brand is familiar to search engines. In this case, the costs will be lower compared to promotion by topical queries.
  2. Explore the capabilities of the Google Display Network. Here, the advertiser can "hit the target": the ad will be shown to someone who is currently looking for a similar product or service. By the way, impressions in GDN are cheaper than in AdWords.
  3. Launch a regional advertising campaign, limited only to the area of "physical presence" of the company.
  4. Enable remarketing. what is remarketing The message will be displayed to those users who have already visited your resource. Don't miss out on the clients you know.
  5. Recheck all ad settings manually. Turn on notifications, set up a schedule for showing ads - all this makes sense if your target audience is active only at night / in the morning / during business hours.
  6. Consolidate budget. Settings allow you to combine several advertising campaigns into one account and divide costs proportionally. Then if for one click campaign it turns out to be less than the norm, the unused funds will go in favor of another campaign.
  7. Use negative keywords. This approach allows you to direct advertising only to obviously interested users.
  8. Choose campaigns that show only a phone number. If advertising is aimed at users of mobile gadgets, it will be very effective and - cheap!

And one more good news - now you can buy even the third position in SERP. After all, Google began to show 4 ads in the search, which means you will save money without losing the volume of conversions.

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