AdWords contextual advertising account audit


Аудит аккаунта контекстной рекламы AdWords

It is easy to create a Google AdWords account, but it is more difficult to turn it into an effective sales channel. New advertisers are tempted by the ease of campaign setup that the system promises. As a result, we are increasingly receiving ready-made accounts with a request to increase the effectiveness of ads. Each company is unique, but there are some basic principles that we apply to audit Google PPC accounts.

First of all, you need to check the correctness of the campaign settings as a whole. Pay attention to:

  • geotargeting and display time;
  • campaign languages;
  • the presence and correctness of the list of negative keywords;
  • errors, misprints in ads, their relevance to the advertised product / site.

Linking your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts

Связь аккаунтов Google Analytics и AdWords

One of the most important points that advertisers often neglect. After linking accounts, there will be new opportunities for tracking conversions (provided that the goals are set correctly) and further optimizing the campaign.

Campaign Structure

The structure is especially important for resources advertising various types of goods. In the classic version, the account structure repeats the structure of the site (again, provided that the latter is correct).

A campaign can consist of many ad groups that will correspond to certain sections of the site. For example, in a campaign for an online women's clothing store, it would be appropriate to create ad groups: "Dresses", "Sundresses", "Jumpsuits", "Tracksuits", etc. The real magic begins with a more detailed study and sorting of keywords. In this particular example, seasonality and the purpose of clothing are important. As a result, we can get ad groups: "Summer dresses", "Cocktail dresses", "Office dresses". For advertising in different regions, it is better to create separate campaigns.

High-quality structuring in the future will make it easy to track the effectiveness of the campaign, comparing clicks and conversions with real orders.


Статистика аккаунта Google AdWords

Convenient charts on the "Quick statistics" tab help you analyze the dynamics of an advertising campaign. In addition, you can compare two of the many indicators at once, for example, clicks and the percentage of received impressions in the search network. These statistics are able to point out the flaws in the strategy and suggest a new vector for the development of the campaign. For example, an increase in the number of clicks on the weekend makes it worthwhile to increase the budget for these days.

For a deeper analysis of the effectiveness of a contextual advertising campaign, it is also necessary to use Google Analytics metrics, which are not in Google AdWords, no matter how paradoxical it may sound.

Rate Adjustment

Based on the data received for a certain period, you can adjust the cost of a click according to the following parameters:

  • devices;
  • show schedule;
  • locations.

For example, you can exclude or lower your bid for mobile devices if they don't show high conversion rates. In all cases, the allocation of the budget should be consistent with the goals of the business.


Расширения объявлений в Google AdWords

A modern successful PPC campaign cannot do without extensions. The most requested of them:

  • addresses;
  • telephones;
  • additional links;
  • clarifications.

What to add and in what combination again depends on the advertiser's field of activity. For example, an address is important for a business that provides services in a particular city/region (cafe, laundry, ice rink). Sitelinks alone can increase CTR by 20-30%.

An audit of a Google AdWords account is not a one-time event, you need to constantly compare statistics, test new products, use all the possibilities of the context, experiment - this is the only way to create an effective advertising campaign.

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