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alternativnye-istochniki-trafika One of the main tasks of search engine optimization is to attract visitors to the site. As such, visitors come to the resource from search engines and in order to ensure the greatest number of them, the optimizer must raise the site in the TOP-10 for certain keywords. However, this task sometimes becomes difficult and, at least, is solved in the long term. It all depends on the site itself, its age, structure, key queries, etc.

Today, more and more webmasters say that the monopoly of search engines in the process of attracting visitors is not good. Constant changes in the rules of the optimization game, which, by the way, no one has voiced, closed ranking algorithms and banal suggestions like: " Make your sites interesting for people. ", - all this is pushing us towards independence from search engines.

Not just Google...

Despite the fact that search engines are the main traffic generators, there are alternative ways to attract visitors to the site. First of all, these are the most diverse social networks: Facebook , Twitter , VKontakte , Odnoklassniki , etc. Bookmarking services cannot be discounted - there is still an active audience that makes transitions. It makes sense to look for visitors on thematic forums, portals and even blogs. A great way is to post an interesting video on YouTube. Questions and Answers services will help you find visitors.

Naturally, the quality of the site and the information presented there must necessarily meet expectations. Moreover, the content of the resource should be as creative, interesting and useful as possible. In the Western segment of the Internet there are very visited sites, the popularity of which is completely independent of search engines . Among other things, alternative promotion can be used in parallel with the traditional one and thereby increase its potential and the level of attendance.

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