Analysis of heats: positioning a business on the Internet


Разбор заплывов: позиционирование бизнеса в интернете

In this post of the section “Analysis of heats”, we decided to continue the topic of mistakes and shortcomings that prevent the achievement of profit, economic nirvana, and other commercial amenities. Seriously. Today we will talk about a serious attribute of a successful selling site - brand positioning and business as a whole.

Examples of positioning online stores

1. Online store of inexpensive women's clothing

As always, we are armed with real examples. First, let's get acquainted with the wholesale online store of women's clothing . What do we see? Goods, prices, product videos. A big plus is that everything is in order with the usability of the resource, but the visitor is not so much interested in convenience as in the product itself.

Already at the stage of familiarization with the clothing catalog and prices, it is not difficult for the visitor to guess that he is dealing with a budget product that is in real demand and will be “affordable” for most Ukrainians. In addition, in the section "About the company" there is information for the sake of which we started this conversation. The owners of the online store honestly and openly presented the addresses of their official representatives in Ukraine, located in the well-known spontaneous markets. Further, the visitor decides for himself whether this option suits him or not - this is already a matter of taste and budget. Judging by the numerous orders and site traffic counter data, the clothes were to the taste of many wholesale buyers.

Каталог оптового интернет-магазина женской одежды

2. Online store of branded bags

Let's smoothly move on to the next example and simultaneously refute another myth (the fear of how we love to do this): only cheap goods can be successful on the Internet. Undoubtedly, the price is one of the factors influencing the choice of a potential client of an online store, but no one has canceled the notorious exclusive paired with prestige. In principle, the news is not new, because the same rules apply on the Internet as in offline marketing.

See for yourself, direct your attention to another online store: a site for a boutique of branded bags and accessories . The positioning and philosophy of this resource is diametrically opposed to the first example, but built on the same principles.

The online retail store offers genuine branded accessories from well-known Italian brands at the appropriate price. The authenticity of the goods is confirmed by certificates, and it is not difficult to check this: you just need to go to the official website of a particular manufacturer and check the conformity of the goods. On the main page of the resource of our customers, new products are presented with the cost indicated under the photo. This was done not only for the convenience of the site's regulars, but also so that any visitor to the store could ask the price of the product and determine whether this product suits him.

Главная страница сайта для бутика брендовых сумок и аксессуаров

What do we end up with? Buyers are not disoriented, they know what they are getting into. We can assure you that there are sales on the site, traffic is high, and mobile traffic is 30% of the total. The latter fact also testifies to the status of the clients of the boutique of branded bags and the fact that the online store is visited by its target audience. In fact, the boutique is located in Kharkov, but its owners were able to significantly expand their clientele thanks to the website and the ability to deliver goods throughout Ukraine.

3. Unsuccessful site positioning

Giving specific examples is a waste of time. Surely each of you has repeatedly come across the fact that not only offline "boutiques" give out Chinese fakes for goods from world brands, but also in online stores under the brand name "original goods", alas, there are the same Chinese undercuts. The effectiveness of such a strategy in terms of profit is low, it can only have a short-term success.

Proper positioning of a business project, in turn, works for a long-term successful prospect. For example, an "online boutique" with goods from China can significantly increase its sales by openly declaring: "You can get high-quality copies of branded items from us at an adequate price." Trust us, the changes will be dramatic and commercially positive.

Rules for Effective Positioning of Online Stores

  1. Reliability of information . Not only information about the price, quality and country of origin of the goods should be truthful, but also about the methods of delivery, the return policy of the goods. Be honest with your buyer. Lies will sooner or later be revealed and will not add new customers to you.
  2. Adequate prices . Ambition drives progress, but not in the case of inflating prices around a product that can be bought in the “neighborhood” online store for three times cheaper.
  3. Respect . First of all, to the site visitor. Don't fool him and don't fool him. Illiterate Internet users are becoming less and less every day. The percentage of people who "will fall for" goods "at a bargain price" from a "European manufacturer" is small and is unlikely to make your business truly successful.

In conclusion, we note that for the correct, commercially profitable positioning of a company, store or brand on the Internet, it is necessary to determine the philosophy and strategy of doing business in principle, in the real world, and then transfer them to the virtual world.

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