Analysis of the heats: how to increase the sales of the site of metal-plastic windows

Разбор заплывов: как увеличить продажи сайта металлопластиковых окон

In the ocean of the web world, we feel at ease and can sometimes throw a casual phrase: “We know, we swam.” In the section "Analysis of heats", the specialists of the Webakula studio share not only their experience, observations, conclusions, but also practical advice. Using real projects as examples, we will plunge into the depths of the intriguing issues of web design, online marketing and e-commerce. In the debut post of the section “Analysis of heats”, we decided to share the results of the audit of the site of metal-plastic windows and, along the way, reveal a couple of secrets of the success of effective selling sites.

We conducted a detailed analysis of our clients' website and gave them a detailed answer to their long-standing question: "Why is there a website and considerable costs for its advertising, but still no sales?" Let's try to sort out the errors using examples, using the comparison method.

1. Complex site menu structure

The main menu of the Okna Park website is overloaded with unnecessary items; it does not focus the visitor's attention on the main activities of the company and the services offered.

Меню анализируемого сайта

Two drop-down menus complicate the perception, and the name of the items is a separate conversation. To understand that the main products of the company (windows, doors, balconies and loggias) and directly accessories for them (window sills, ebbs) are hidden in the “Components” section can only be an inquisitive mind of a persistent visitor with excellently developed intuition.

Два выпадающих меню на анализируемом сайте

The effectiveness of the site will increase significantly if you break the mysterious section "Components" into four sections with understandable names:

  1. Section "Windows"
  2. Section "Doors"
  3. Section "Balconies and loggias"
  4. Section "Components"

Actually, the leading sites in the industry in the field of metal-plastic windows and structures have a similar solution.

Меню сайта конкурентов

2. Illogical calculator

The cost calculator is a very important and useful tool for a potential client. On the analyzed site, of course, it is, but, unfortunately, it is not implemented in the best way. The visualization of the construction type is presented unsuccessfully - the types of windows are depicted small and are not accompanied by a text description and hints.

Блок выбора типа окон (анализируемый сайт)Блок выбора типа окон (сайт конкурентов)

3. Inconvenient shape with configuration options

Let's try to figure it out: we find a form with configuration parameters on the analyzed site, then select the profile of the metal-plastic window. In the drop-down window, we see a description of profiles of various types - the visitor does not understand what the cherished “ACTION!” is, nor what the numbers “505”, “400”, “2000”, etc. stand for. The block indicating the configuration parameters is separated from the type of construction; these elements are not connected by a single field or block.

Сравнение структур формы выбора комплектующих

When choosing a double-glazed window, we again encounter mysterious numbers and abbreviations, although the same information can be presented more clearly and logically for the site visitor.

Next, we select the window sill, ebb, visors and see a list of numbers that are not accompanied by any minimal comments. The same song: the same information can be written quite simply and understandably for the user.

Hooray! All fields are filled! What's next? Where is the treasured button - "Calculate"? She is not! The visitor should think a little and guess that you can click the add to comparisons button and call the measurer, and the cost of the selected configuration is displayed in the upper right corner, which is unusual for the user.

We offer you a mini-quest: find the price of the selected configuration. The form block looks like this.

Форма подсчета стоимости окон (анализируемый сайт)

Naturally, the industry leaders presented a completely different version of the results of the miscalculation of the configuration, and the price in it is highlighted in size and color, is in the usual place and is not divorced from the form.

Форма подсчета стоимости окон (сайт конкурентов)

As you know, on pages with forms, additional links and buttons that prevent lead generation are undesirable. On the analyzed site, we see 4 buttons, they not only distract attention from the direct preparation of the order, but also disorientate the potential client. Moreover, the button "Cheat sheet for the client" leads to another page, and returning from it back, the visitor no longer sees the type of window he has chosen.

4. Changes and additions to the site

Users' trust in the site is significantly increased by the presence of a gallery with photos of works, customer reviews and photos of employees, so it would not be superfluous to add sections "Our works", "Reviews" and "Consultants".

Prices: everyone needs them, different prices are important, therefore, a separate section should be allocated on the site for them.

Without forgetting that we need to maintain and improve SEO indicators, we form the final structure of the site sections.

5. The proposed structure of the site sections

  • Window
  • doors
  • Balconies and loggias
  • Accessories
  • Prices
  • Our work
  • Reviews
  1. The "Windows" section contains subsections by profiles.
    • Winbau profile series
    • Series of WDS profiles
    • Aluplast profile series
    • Kyrtoglu profile system
    • Reskara profile system
    • Non-standard designs (arched, trapezoidal, etc. windows)
    • colored windows
    • Glass unit decor
  2. The "Doors" section contains subsections on door profiles.
    • Kyrtoglu profile system
    • Reskara profile system
  3. Section "Balconies and loggias"
    • Framex profile system
    • Zenith profile system
    • Kyrtoglu profile system
  4. Section "Components"
    • window sills
    • low tide
    • Mosquito nets
    • Horizontal blinds
    • Vertical blinds
    • Fabric shutters
    • Bamboo blinds
    • Protective shutters
    • Plastic slopes
  5. Section "Prices"
    • Windows and doors
    • Balconies
    • Inner lining
    • Accessories
    • The cost of work (we move here all the information from the services section)
  6. Section "Our works"
    • Windows and doors
    • Balconies
    • Inner lining
  7. "Reviews" section for adding text reviews to the site.

6. We select end-to-end blocks of the site

Block "Calculator" is better to build by analogy with the sites of market leaders.

The corresponding application form will appear in the "Call the measurer" block.

The Promotions block is similar in functionality to the News and Good to Know sections.

A separate block "Discounts" will also add nice bonuses to the site, as it will surely attract the attention of visitors.

The "Consultants" block with a photo of a specialist and a phone number will be a sure step towards building trusting relationships with site users.

7. Create sections of the auxiliary menu of the site

  1. Section "Company"
    • Story
    • Quality certificates
  2. The News section can be left unchanged.
  3. The "Dealers" section is intended for registration of dealers by the site administrator and subsequent issuance of login parameters (login/password) to them.

    In the personal account of the dealer are available:

    • price list for dealers for download;
    • current promotions/news for dealers.
  4. The "Good to know" section is similar to the one on the site.
  5. Section "Contacts"

The correct site structure is only 25% of the success of an Internet project. It is important to correctly place accents when designing the interface and website design.

8. We are waiting for the results

We hope that these and other recommendations from Webakula specialists will be taken into account by the site owners and developers. We ourselves are interested to know how the updated Okna Park website will look and function. Well, let's not guess, let's wait for the result :)

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