And new, and fast, and reliable, and even cheerful NiChrome


A new, fast, reliable and fun browser from Rambler based on the Chromium engine, that's how Rambler announced the release of its own browser called Nichrome. Having tested Nichrome a little on css3 and html5, I came to the conclusion that it is the same as Chrome. Probably this is already so clear, because it was said earlier that it is based on the Chromium engine.

article2_400 Nichrome new?
The name is probably its novelty, or as the developers of this miracle say, it says that the Nichrome browser is Rambler's first steps in developing its own line of software

Nichrome fast?
Well, yes, in principle, fast, I would even say the speed is like that of Chrome.

Is nichrome reliable?
You can’t say so right away, well, for sure, it’s not weaker than Chrome in terms of reliability.

Is Nichrome funny?
What's so funny about it?
Maybe that's the Rambler homepage.
Or the fact that the Rambler bookmarks are spelled out with advertising.
Or maybe this is such a cheerful answer to Yandex:

I quote:
(Поисковик Яндекс сделал свой браузер на базе Chromium но со своими переделками и назвал его по-русски Хром. А поисковик Рамблер сделал точно такой же свой браузер на базе всё того же Chromium и тоже со своими переделками и назвал его уже по-русски Нихром.)

It is strange that the official website does not say anything about the product except that it is fast, reliable and fun)

New browsers are certainly good, but I would not want to read this in the technical specification later.
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