Assessment of competitors in the TOP-10


ocenka-konkurentov-top-10 In order to correctly assess your strengths when promoting a site or simply understand how much promotion will cost, you need to carefully study the TOP-10 for the selected key request. This process can be divided into two stages, which seem to be similar, but at the same time have different implications for analysis.

First of all, we should pay attention to the indicators of competitor sites , the number of incoming links, the age of domains, etc. However, the presence of promoted resources with high rates is not yet a sentence, and you may not have to spend astronomical budgets.

It is the second step of the analysis that will dot the “and”, allowing you to draw conclusions about the complexity, time frame and budget for website promotion . The basis for such conclusions is the assessment directly of those pages of competing sites that are offered in the search engine results. Quite often you can see links to post archives, tag pages, pages of the third, fourth and even fifth levels of nesting. If there are at least a couple of such URLs in the TOP, there is every chance to push them out of there.

Here are a couple more factors that you should definitely consider when analyzing the TOP-10 and your competitors:

  • Reverse situation. If there are only main pages in SERPE, the competition is very high.
  • Pay attention to the occurrence of the keyword in the title of the pages of competing sites. If it is diluted, it is not in the first place, the words are spaced - the page is not optimized for the key query. Therefore, you can take her place.

The more thorough the analysis you make, the more accurate the forecast and budget for promotion will be. Sometimes, competitor analysis directly gives clues about what and how to do with your own site so that it gets into the TOP-10 .

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